Stol (mountain)

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VelikiStol Mountain from Slovenia.jpg
View from Bled Castle
Elevation 2,236 m (7,336 ft)
Location Austria / Slovenia
Range Karawanken
Coordinates 46°25′58″N 14°10′22″E / 46.43278°N 14.17278°E / 46.43278; 14.17278[1]
The Prešeren Lodge (Prešernova koča), Slovenia

Stol is the highest mountain in the Karavanke mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps. Its peak is known as Hochstuhl (German for 'High Chair') or Veliki Stol (Slovene for 'Great Chair') and has the elevation of 2,236 m (7,336 ft). The border between Slovenia and Austria runs along the ridge of the mountain, and also over the summit of Stol (2,236 m). The first ascent was made in 1794 by Carniolan Count Franz von Hohenwart. Today there are numerous routes to its peak from Feistritz (Slovene: Bistrica) and the Klagenfurt Lodge (German: Klagenfurter Hütte) in Carinthia as well as from Žirovnica on the southern Slovene side, where the Prešeren Lodge (Prešernova koča) stands below its second peak of Mali Stol, 2,198 m (7,211 ft).

The lodge was originally built in 1909, but was burned down in 1942 during the Second World War by partisans to prevent it from being used by German soldiers. It was rebuilt in 1966 and is open from mid-June to mid-September. It has 45 berths, a washroom, and two dining rooms with a seating capacity of 80.[2]

The ascent on the northern Austrian side includes a 500 m (1,600 ft) steep slope surmounted by a via ferrata, the use of which requires some mountaineering skills.



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