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For the 1993 Danish film, see Stolen Spring (film).

The Stolen Spring (Danish: Det Forsømte Forår, The Neglected Spring) is a Danish novel by Hans Scherfig, published first in 1940.

The Stolen Spring's main theme is the solidarity of a group of boys in a school with harsh discipline. This alongside other factors makes the book stand out as being very socialist in its message. It is highly critical of the Danish educational system in the 20th century, a system Scherfig himself was a product of.

The Stolen Spring is considered a very important part of the Danish literary heritage by various experts and writers. The novel was made into film in 1993.

It is not featured in the new Danish Cultural Canon. Some have speculated that the socialist message of the book may have been the deciding reason for this. However, other socialist works have been placed on the canon, e.g. the films Ditte Menneskebarn and Pelle the Conqueror both based on books by Martin Andersen Nexø.

Review of The Stolen Spring and The Missing Bureaucrat [1]