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Studio album by Stone
Released March 30, 1988
Recorded In December 1987 at MTV Studios
Genre Thrash metal
Length 42:40
Label Megamania
Producer Mikko Karmila, Stone
Stone chronology
No Anaesthesia!
US release cover

Stone is the debut album from Finnish thrash metal band Stone. It was originally released in 1988, and remastered and re-issued in 2003.[1] It was re-released again in 2009, bundled with No Anaesthesia! in a 2 CD set.[2] Several singles were released from the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Get Stoned"   Joutsenniemi 4:22
2. "No Commands"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 5:44
3. "Eat Your Pride"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 4:22
4. "The Day of Death"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 3:53
5. "Reached Out"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 3:50
6. "Real Delusion"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 4:12
7. "Brain Damage"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 6:15
8. "Escape"   Joutsenniemi, Latvala 5:23
9. "The Final Cuntdown" (Europe cover) Joey Tempest 0:56
10. "Overtake"   Joutsenniemi 3:43
  • On the 2003 re-release, "The Final Cuntdown" is re-titled "The Final Countdown" (the correct title of the song). It is a cover of the Europe song "The Final Countdown".
  • "No Commands" was covered by Children of Bodom. It can be found on their 2009 covers album Skeletons in the Closet and as a bonus track on some versions of their 1998 album Hatebreeder.


Three singles were released in support of the album:

  • "Real Delusion"/"Day of Death" (1987)[3]
  • "Back to the Stone Age"/"Symptom of the Universe" (The latter song being a Black Sabbath cover later made available as a bonus track on the Stoneage 2.0 compilation CD) (1988)[4]
  • "Get Stoned"/"No Commands" (as a promo single) (1988)[5]

Band members[edit]



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