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Stone Bay is a satellite facility of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina. Based on the south side of Camp Lejeune, and is home to the headquarters of United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command and Lejeune's Weapons Training Battalion and Sniper School. It functions as the primary facility for weapons qualifications, having several shooting ranges: three rifle ranges, two pistol ranges, and one long sniper range.

The sniper School and ranges work in one unit with the east side of the road for weapons qualifications and the sniper school uses the woods on the other side of the road for training (and the mile long driveway) except for the range that is all the way at the end which is the known and unknown distance sniper course. 1,000 Meters is the longest (308) known distance shot on the range. Two of the other ranges are you typical USMC range up to 500 meters for Rifle qualification. The opposite end from the sniper range is the pistol range with standard USMC known distances. Marines from Camp Lejeune normally qualify for their shooting badges here.

Coordinates: 34°38′37″N 77°24′45″W / 34.6437°N 77.4126°W / 34.6437; -77.4126