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A stone butch is a butch woman or trans gender person who is apparently masculine in character and dress, who tops their partners sexually (and sometimes emotionally), and who is averse to sexual contact with their genitalia.

A Stone Butch may identify as queer, genderqueer, or transgender.

Women who are attracted to stone butches and who are femme, may sometimes call themselves stone femmes. A stone femme, is a femme who bottoms sexually or who wishes not to touch the genitals of their stone butch partner.

Stone Butches are very diverse in emotion and sexual expression. Common stereotypes of a stone butch are that they are extremely masculine, emotionally unavailable, hard butches. In reality, a stone butch may not meet any of these descriptors. The most salient characteristic of a stone butch is that their sexual response does not depend on genital stimulation and their sexual arousal is more likely to be dependent on the sexual response of their partner. Stone Butches may experience orgasm as a whole of body experience, accompanied by a mental "rush". So, all in all, a stone butch gets pleasure from pleasuring their partner, and does not wish to be touched the same way.

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