Stone the Crow

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"Stone the Crow"
Single by Down
from the album NOLA
Released September, 1995
Format CD
Recorded 1994 - 1995
Genre Sludge metal, heavy metal
Length 4:42
Label Eastwest Records
Writer(s) Phil Anselmo
Pepper Keenan
Producer(s) Down
Matt Thomas
Down singles chronology
"Stone the Crow"
"Temptation's Wings"
NOLA track listing
"Losing All"
(Track 9)
"Stone the Crow"
(Track 10)
"Pray for the Locust"
(Track 11)

"Stone the Crow" is the debut single by heavy metal band Down off their 1995 debut album, NOLA. It peaked at #40 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts.[1] A video was also produced for the song.


Much lighter than other work on the album, "Stone the Crow" has a distinct southern rock sound and is often regarded as one of Down's most popular songs. The track begins with an airy yet complex guitar introduction which carries throughout the song. This is soon backed by a second guitar and other instruments. Vocals also enter and demonstrate Anselmo's shifting style from clean to brief screeching. Heavy guitars and crashing cymbals mark the song's chorus which continues the altering vocal style.[original research?]

Music video[edit]

In an interview Pepper Keenan was asked about the music video, he replied with the following:

"We recorded that at a bar in des Allemands, Louisiana. It was at a little bar and a place they called the shrimp boat graveyard. That was a trip doing that guitar solo on top of a half sunken shrimp boat. But yeah, we recorded that record at Ultrasonic Studio. Its a shame that that place is gone now. Anyway, it was the year we had the May flood. There's a picture of us in there with all our guitars on and water up to our knees. Yeah, that was a whole other story. I remember that Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown was recording there at the same time we were, and I helped him load his gear into the studio. He had a 45 strapped on his side, and he was smoking a pipe, and let me tell you it was not tobacco. That was kicks."[2]

Release and reception[edit]

The song was released as the lead single for the band's debut album and became the band's first and only radio hit, reaching #40 on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song is a staple at live shows and is regularly played as the second to last song.

Song listing[edit]

  1. Stone the Crow

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (1995) Peak
US Mainstream Rock Tracks (Billboard)[3] 40


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