Stopića Cave

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Stopića cave

Stopića cave (Serbian: Стопића пећина) is a cave in the western part of Serbia.


The Stopica cave lies along the northern piedmont of Mt. Zlatibor in the village of Rožanstvo. The Užice - Sirogojno road passes over the cave.

The cave[edit]

The total length of the cave is 1,662 m and the tourist path is 1,615 m long. The cave consists of two caverns - an underground river course channel and a spring cave, connected by the underground flow of the Trnavski Stream. The entrance to the cave lies on a limestone cliff at a height of 711 m.

Five natural entities are differentiated. During high waters, the entire bottom of the Main Passage is flooded. The Stopića cave is poor in ornaments as it is still an active river cave.

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Coordinates: 43°43′N 19°49′E / 43.717°N 19.817°E / 43.717; 19.817