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This article is about the 2002 film. For other uses, see Stormwatch (disambiguation).

Storm Watch is a movie released in 2002, directed by Terry Cunningham and starring Adrian Paul and Bai Ling, the music was composed by Sean Murray. The movie centers on a protagonist who plays a virtual reality online game, which suddenly turns into a race against time to stop a weather satellite from destroying the world. This film was released on DVD and VHS under the title Code Hunter.

Storm Watch features special effect scenes reused from Virus, End of Days, and Set It Off. Clips from Virus include the alien energy hitting the Russian ship (in Storm Watch, it is lightning hitting a decommissioned ship the Army uses for a target); and the "Sea Star" tug boat caught in the storm (shot to be a natural storm, in this film it is artificial). The entire subway train miniature exteriors are from End of Days. The Chevy Impala car chase was lifted from Set It Off.

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