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Storm chaser or stormchaser can refer to:

  • Storm chasing, the pursuit of any severe weather condition
  • Storm Chaser, registered United States Service Mark for Warren Faidley, confirmed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as the first, full-time, professional storm chasing journalist
  • Storm chaser (contractor), a term used by insurance companies, municipal building departments, local contractors, and the general public to describe roofing and siding contractors from outside a local area that come to help people in need of repair. General contractors do not have enough skilled workers on staff to compensate for such severe damage, so contractors from all over come with a helping hand and their expertise.
  • Storm Chaser (EP), a 2007 extended play (EP) by British band Erasure
  • Storm Chasers (TV series), a documentary reality television series on the Discovery Channel
  • Omaha Storm Chasers, an American baseball team
  • Stormchaser, a children's novel by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
  • Stormchaser, a death metal album by Light This City
  • StoRMChaser (band), a Danish jazz musical group