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Storo (Danish: Storø, means Big island) is an uninhabited island in the Scoresbysund fjord, Sermersooq Municipality, eastern Greenland. The island has an area of 198.3 km² and has a shoreline of 63.3 kilometres.[1] It has a mountain of 1,770 metres (5,810 ft) height,[2] meaning it is an ultra prominent mountain. Currently, the Canadian public company Greenland Resources Inc [3] holds the mineral rights for Storø and is conducting advance exploration programs to evaluate the economic feasibility of building a gold mine.

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  • Storø or Qeqertarsuaq are the names of another Greenlandic Island, located near Nuuk.


Coordinates: 70°48′57″N 27°30′28″W / 70.81583°N 27.50778°W / 70.81583; -27.50778