Storsjøen (Rendalen)

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For the lake in Nord-Odal, see Storsjø (Nord-Odal).
southern side
Location Åmot, Rendalen (Hedmark)
Coordinates 61°27′08″N 11°18′35″E / 61.45222°N 11.30972°E / 61.45222; 11.30972Coordinates: 61°27′08″N 11°18′35″E / 61.45222°N 11.30972°E / 61.45222; 11.30972
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 47.55 km²
Average depth 139 m[1]
Max. depth 309 m[1]
Water volume 7.07 km³[1]
Shore length1 75.11 km
Surface elevation 259 m[1]
References ,[1] NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Storsjøen (or Storsjø[2]) is the ninth deepest lake in Norway at 309 m in depth. It lies in Rendalen and Åmot municipalities which are in Hedmark county, Norway. The lake is 35 km long, but only 1.7 km wide at its broadest point. The lake lies 251 meters above sea level, has an area of 51 km² and a volume of 7.07 km³.


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  2. ^ The suffix "-en" is a form of the Norwegian language definite article and means "the". Hence Storsjøen is equivalent to "the Storsjø." Both forms can be found in English language text.

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