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Glasmagasinet at Stortorvet.
Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri
Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri
Type Townhouse
Status Protected by resolution
County Oslo
Municipality Oslo
Coordinates 59°54′48.21″N 10°44′40.88″E / 59.9133917°N 10.7446889°E / 59.9133917; 10.7446889
Year built 18th century
ID 86005

Stortorvet ('The Grand Plaza') is a square in Oslo, Norway, located west of Oslo Cathedral.

It was officially inaugurated during the autarchic times, in 1736. A town market was held here until 1889. Marketing still exists, but has largely been moved to Youngstorget.[1] The building that houses the restaurant Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri is a Norwegian Cultural Heritage Site.[2]

The square became an important hub for public transportation with the introduction of the tramway. A balloon loop for the Ekeberg Line was located here until the 1960s.[1] Stortorvet is still served by a station on the Oslo TramwayStortorvet—as well as buses.

The so-called Battle of the Square took place here in 1829.[3]


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Coordinates: 59°54′46″N 10°44′44″E / 59.91277°N 10.74546°E / 59.91277; 10.74546