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Strange Tales was a pulp magazine which published seven issues between 1931 and 1933. The publisher was Clayton Magazines; the editor was Harry Bates, who also edited Clayton's Astounding Stories. It was intended as a competitor to Weird Tales, the leading weird fiction magazine of the day. [1] Bates paid up to two cents a word, which was more than Weird Tales could afford, and as a result he obtained some good material, including "Wolves of Darkness" by Jack Williamson, and "Cassius" by Henry S. Whitehead. Strange Tales also carried fiction by Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Edmond Hamilton, Paul Ernst, Hugh B. Cave, August Derleth and Frank Belknap Long.[1] All the magazine's covers were drawn by "Wesso" (Hans Wessolowski), a regular artist for the Clayton chain. [1] Strange Tales ceased publication when Clayton went bankrupt in 1933, and although Street & Smith acquired Clayton's titles, they decided not to relaunch this particular one, choosing Astounding instead.[2]


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