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Street Talk
Studio album by Steve Perry
Released April 1984
Recorded 1983-1984 at Record One in Los Angeles, California
Genre Pop rock
Length 39:20
Label Columbia
Next Plateau Entertainment (distribution only)
Producer Steve Perry, Bruce Botnick
Steve Perry chronology
Street Talk
For the Love of Strange Medicine
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Street Talk is Steve Perry's first solo album, released in April 1984.

Street Talk contains Perry's biggest hit as a solo artist, "Oh Sherrie", written for his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford.[2] The song hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on Billboard's Rock chart, and the accompanying music video (also featuring Swafford) was a hit on MTV. Other singles included "Foolish Heart" (peaked at #18), "She's Mine" (peaked at #21), and "Strung Out" (peaked at #40).

There were a number of nods to Perry's pre-Journey band Alien Project on this album—in fact, that band was originally going to be called Street Talk.[3] In the liner notes, Perry dedicates the album to Richard Michaels (the bassist for Alien Project). Also, drummer Craig Krampf was a member of Alien Project later in the 1970s.

Street Talk is certified as 2x Platinum (2,000,000) in sales by the RIAA.[4]

It is one of the first albums Next Plateau Entertainment has distributed.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Oh Sherrie" (Bill Cuomo, Randy Goodrum, Craig Krampf, Perry) – 3:48
  2. "I Believe" (Goodrum, Duane Hitchings, Krampf, Perry) – 4:12
  3. "Go Away" (Cuomo, Goodrum, Perry) – 4:05
  4. "Foolish Heart" (Goodrum, Perry) – 3:39
  5. "It's Only Love" (Goodrum, Perry) – 3:47
  6. "She's Mine" (Goodrum, Perry) – 4:26
  7. "You Should Be Happy" (Goodrum, Perry) – 3:20
  8. "Running Alone" (John Bettis, Hitchings, Krampf, Perry) – 4:05
  9. "Captured by the Moment" (Cuomo, Goodrum, Perry) – 3:47
  10. "Strung Out" (Krampf, Perry, Billy Steele) – 3:51
  11. "My My My" (Perry, Krampf, Richard Michaels Haddad, Steve DeLacey) – 2:24 *
  12. "Harmony" (Perry) – 3:58 *
  13. "Makes No Difference" (Perry, Krampf, Haddad, DeLacey) – 4:53 *
  14. "Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving" (Perry, Danny Kortchmar, Krampf) – 3:13 *
  15. "If Only for the Moment, Girl" (Perry, Goodrum) – 4:09 *
  • Tracks 11 - 15 are bonus tracks on the 2006 CD reissue
  • Tracks 11 - 13 are Alien Project demo recordings
  • Track 14 is the b-side to Oh Sherrie
  • Track 15 is second track from the USA for Africa album "We Are the World" 1985



  • Produced By Steve Perry and Bruce Botnick
  • Recorded & Mixed By Niko Bolas
  • Recording Assistant & Additional Engineering: Richard Bosworth
  • Recording Assistant on "Strung Out": Denny Densmore
  • Originally Mastered By Mike Reese


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