Strongyli Megistis

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Strongyli Megistis
Native name: Στρογγυλή Μεγίστης
Strongyli KAL4556LR.jpg
The islet of Strongyli seen from southwest
Archipelago Dodecanese
Area 0.9 km2 (0.35 sq mi)
Region South Aegean
Regional unit Dodecanese
Population 0 (as of 2011)

Strongyli Megistis (Greek: Στρογγυλή Μεγίστης), also called plainly Strongyli or Ypsili, is a Greek islet which lies in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, about five nautical miles south-east of the island of Kastellorizo. The island is about 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles) long, and up to 700 metres (2,300 ft) wide. It covers an area of about 0.9 square kilometres (0.3 sq mi). It is rather flat and covered with macchia. The islet has no permanent residents.

Strongyli is the easternmost Greek territory. Administratively it is part of the Municipality of Megisti. According to the 2011 census the island is deserted.[1] It has a lighthouse, which has the characteristic of being the easternmost building in Greece. The Turkish name for the island is Çam Adası (English: Pine island).

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Coordinates: 36°06′55″N 29°38′04″E / 36.1153°N 29.6344°E / 36.1153; 29.6344