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The Sts'ailes are an indigenous people from the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

Their band government is the Chehalis First Nation, formerly known as the Chehalis Indian Band,.[1] The band's name community is located on Indian Reserve lands at Chehalis, which is on the lower Harrison River between the towns of Mission and Agassiz. Their band's mailing address is in nearby Agassiz.[2]


The name Sts'ailes means "beating heart," which became the name of their village, located on the west side of the Harrison River.[3] Their usual English name, Chehalis, is identical to that of the much more numerous Chehalis people of southern Puget Sound in Washington. By Sts'ailes tradition, the southern Chehalis were separated from their homeland as a consequence of the Great Flood.


Sts'ailes people traditionally speak Halqemeylem, the Upriver Dialect of Halkomelem.

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