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Stuart Diver (born 14 January 1970 in New South Wales, Australia) is a ski instructor and was the sole survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide.

At 11.35pm, on 30 July 1997, 3500 tonnes of rock and mud, slid down the side of Thredbo taking two ski lodges with it. The landslide killed 18 people, one of whom was Diver's wife, Sally. After 65 hours in sub-zero temperatures with only a small blanket and jacket, Diver was finally pulled from the rubble.[1] After the incident, Diver wrote a biography, Survival, with journalist Simon Bouda, detailing his struggles with the experience of the disaster and the aftermath. Diver's experiences were also made into the Australian TV movie, Heroes' Mountain, where his character was played by actor Craig McLachlan.

Diver has a Bachelor of Applied Science, is a level three ski instructor and he owns a house above the disaster site along with his second wife Rosanna and daughter Alessia. He currently has an active role promoting the Salvation Army and he is one of the best known public faces of the charity.

He has a brother Euan, mother Annette and father Steve.

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