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For the American football player, see Stuart Mitchell (American football).

Stuart Mitchell (born 21 December 1965) is a Scottish pianist and composer, best known for his Seven Wonders Suite (2001).[1] The Seven Wonders Suite has been recorded by The Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens. A performance of part of the suite was performed in The Dvorak Hall in Prague in 2005. This major symphonic work has placed Mitchell in The Classic FM Hall of Fame since 2005-2012 Classic FM Hall of Fame and is regularly requested by their listeners.[2]

Stuart Mitchell is the son of pianist and composer Thomas J. Mitchell. In 2005, the Mitchell's received media coverage from Reuters, ITN, BBC, and CNN/Fox News when they claimed to have deciphered a musical code carved into the ceiling design of Rosslyn Chapel.[3]

Mitchell is currently #299 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2005/2014.[4]