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Student Biryani, previously called Student Cafe is a popular Pakistani food chain that is best known for selling its trademark biryani dish, called "Student Biryani."[1]

The business itself dates back since 1969 although has gained massive exposure only in the past few years and is one of the biggest fast food brands. Apart from having branches in Karachi, Lahore and other urban centres throughout the country, Student Biryani has also expanded to Dubai.[1] The first Student Biryani store was opened in the Saddar area of Karachi.

Student Biryani is a variant of the Bombay Biryani. Bombay Biryani is characterized by the use of dry plums and potatoes in the recipe. The unique taste of student biryani rice remain the use of black cardamom, cinnamon and black cumin seed and a unique masala blend. The recipe of student biryani has never been replicated. The main signature of Student Biryani remain the aroma which can be noticed at the entrance especially at Saddar main branch

A less spicy version of student biryani was available in the 90`s at Naubahar fast food, saddar, Karachi. This recipe contained a larger amount of fried onions and according to many persons was even better than the classic recipe

It remains a family business which progressed through a unique sense of management and supply chain system managed by Haji Ali and sons.


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