Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran

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The Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI) is a secularist advocacy group in Iran. It consists mainly of students, or other activists and academics, who support the secularization, democratization, and industrialization of Iran. The group’s members are outside Iran.

The group is non-violent and non-partisan, although certain groups claiming to be affiliated with SMCCDI have caused the harm of SMCCDI activists. The group’s main principal, as described in their charter, is separation of church and state. Other goals include the decentralization of government, separation of political powers, and deregulation of the economy.

SMCCDI is noted for progressist, modernist, classical liberal and economic liberal ideals, such as secularity, democracy, and a free market economy.

The group uses support provided by members of the Iranian diaspora to directly fund its activities, as well as to create satellite TV programs broadcast to Europe, the USA, and Iran.

SMCCDI is headed by Aryo B. Pirouznia.

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  • Hassan Nemazee, an Iranian-American democrat who sued the SMCCDI for their accusations against him.