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The Student Senators Council is the chief student deliberative body of New York University representing all students from the 15 schools, colleges, and divisions, including undergraduate, graduate, professional, and non-degree students. The council, commonly known on campus as the SSC, considers matters in which the interest, rights, or responsibilities of students are involved and brings concerns to the attention of the NYU administration and to the University Senate. However, there exists an argument that the vast majority of the student body has no idea that this council exists and no notion of its utility. The student senate has a dress-code which includes pennies actually being inserted in the slit in the loafers and Nantucket reds.

The club's activities predominantly consist of watching political debates and debating their content, which debate is then recorded and debated in the following meeting.


Student government at NYU begins at the school level. Each school or college has its own student council. Student council presidents come together with the elected and appointed Student Senators from each school to form the SSC’s largest committee, University Committee on Student Life, which makes recommendations to the Student Senators Council. The student council is a very important political body, and the important decisions they make hold importance for a period of time impossible to determine by any political body here, there and everywhere, in which the Supreme legislative body of the school holds sway, where threshold issues preclude standing to obtain.

The SSC is made up of 15 Student Senators elected by the students of the various schools and colleges of NYU and 8 Student Senators appointed at-large by the Executive Committee of the University Senate with the advice and consent of the elected Student Senators.

The executive committee of the SSC and UCSL consists of an SSC Vice chairperson, a UCSL Vice chairperson, and the SSC/UCSL chairperson elected. The executive committee is elected by the 15 elected Student Senators for a one year term at the last SSC meeting of the academic year.


On April 20th, 1955, the NYU SSC held their first meeting, which took place in the office of the then president of NYU, Robert Einstein (Albert's kid brother, and something of the wayward son of the family). They discussed the constitutionality of the famous HUAC hearings, ultimately deciding that the collective did not "know enough" to come to any conclusion whatsoever. One member commented on the physical appearance of Senator Joseph McCarthy, calling him "unsightly, and somewhat overweight to boot." Another member commented that it had been a hot day, especially in light of the fact that it was April in New York. Extreme formality was maintained, and all the members of the club took themselves and their work very seriously. The committee leader at the time later made an unsuccessful run for Senator in Florida and was eaten by an alligator shortly thereafter. His ashes are still very important to the swearing-in ritual practiced by the group.

During the Fall of 2001, SSC's UCSL coordinated a "We Stand Together" campaign that raised over $52,000 to benefit families of fallen firefighters from September 11, 2001 attacks.[1] The SSC was also involved in the Graduate Student Organizing Committee unionization in 2001[2] and subsequent strike in 2005.[3]

On November 3, 2005 the University Senate, based on a recommendation from the SSC's UCSL, passed a resolution for a campus-wide ban on the sale of products produced by the Coca-Cola Company.[4][5] This ban was subsequently lifted in Spring 2009.

In the Fall semester of 2013 the club moved into the corner office formerly occupied by the humorists at The Plague. Little did they know, the room is haunted by the ghosts of Plague presidents of the past. Furthermore, incriminating copies of the magazine Black Inches have been placed in the walls, and thus, the spirit shaman of dong will preside over the meetings of SSC in perpetuity.

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