Students for Cooperation

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Students for Cooperation
Students for Cooperation logo
Abbreviation SfC
Formation June 2013; 1 year ago (2013-06)
Type Co-operative federation
Purpose To develop and support the UK's student co-operative movement.
24 food co-ops, 4 housing co-ops, 1 bike co-op, 1 swap/re-use co-op

Students for Cooperation is a co-operative federation of student co-operatives across the UK, which exists to "develop and support the growing student co-operative movement".[1][2][3] As a secondary co-op, the organisation is owned and controlled by its constituent member co-operatives.

The membership includes 24 food co-ops, four housing co-ops, one bike co-op and one swap/re-use co-op.[4]

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