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Studio C
Studio C Logo.jpg
Format Sketch comedy
Created by Jared Shores
Matt Meese
Starring Whitney Call
Mallory Everton
Jason Gray
Matt Meese
Opening theme "I Wanna Run" by Mates of State (Season 2 on)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4 seasons
Executive producer(s) Derek Marquis
Scott Swofford
Producer(s) Jared Shores
Location(s) Provo, Utah
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BYUtv
Original airing October 8, 2012
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Studio C is a sketch comedy television show produced by BYUtv. The show traces its roots to the BYU sketch comedy troupe Divine Comedy, of which all cast members are current or former members. The show aims to produce clean, family-oriented comedy for a national audience, shedding the BYU-oriented humor of Divine Comedy. The show was originally planned to be named Common Room until being changed to its current name, a reference to the studio in the BYU Broadcasting Building where the show is primarily filmed in front of a live audience.[1][2] The fourth season of Studio C premiered April 7, 2014.


Cast member Seasons
1 2 3 4
Whitney Call Main
Jason Gray Main
Mallory Everton Main
Matt Meese Main
Adam Berg Featured
Stacey Harkey Featured
Natalie Madsen Featured
Stephen Meek Featured
James Perry Featured
Jeremy Warner Featured


Season 1 (Fall 2012)[edit]

No. Directed by Original air date
1 Julian Riley October 8, 2012
Mallory finds love at a Halloween dance, Matt shares some doorstep dating insight with Mallory, and Jason expresses his feelings about Rhode Island.
2 Julian Riley October 16, 2012
Matt and Mallory lose their camera, Jason leads the group on a trek to Oregon, and Shoulder Angel advises against robbery.
3 Julian Riley October 22, 2012
Mallory tells two truths, Whitney goes on a blind date, and Jason makes a new friend at the family BBQ.
4 Julian Riley October 29, 2012
The group debates if Dana really is dead, Matt explains the importance of going green, and Whitney directs Matt and Mallory on stage.
5 Julian Riley November 5, 2012
The group plays their first gig, Matt works on his New Year's resolution, and Jason learns how to play mafia.
6 Julian Riley November 12, 2012
Matt loses a little blood with Mallory and Jason, Spencer meets his new roommate, and the group meets some new classmates.
7 Julian Riley November 19, 2012
Matt inspires his men to fight the good fight, Jason is dumped through a surrogate, and Mallory remembers her late kitty.
8 Julian Riley November 26, 2012
Spencer meets an old friend, Jason's shoulder devil tries his luck, and Whitney's weight is called into question.
9 Julian Riley December 3, 2012
The group tries to brainstorm ideas, Franny proves to be a true man, and Whitney can't express in words how excited she is to get married.
10 Julian Riley December 10, 2012
The Friz has her teaching techniques called into question, Mallory proves her aim isn't too sharp, and the Shoulder Angel meets his greatest challenge yet.

Season 2 (Spring 2013)[edit]

No. Directed by Original air date
1 Craig Camp April 1, 2013
Season two of Studio C starts with a bang: Mr. Eckelstone teaches kids how to drive, Downton proves to be full of drama, and breaking up is more difficult than one might think.
2 Craig Camp April 8, 2013
TSA tries to stop true love, Da Vinci finds difficulty in painting his latest portrait, and the high school spelling bee gets an update.
3 Craig Camp April 15, 2013
Poker players give their inner thoughts, Ann helps a visitor find a good book, and the police chief tries to protect innocent ears.
4 Craig Camp April 22, 2013
Good Cop and Bad Cop call in a friend for backup, the Great Kenny has his greatest magic trick yet, Captain Literally saves us from hyperbole, and the long awaited will of Ezekiel Josiah Worthington is read.
5 Craig Camp April 29, 2013
Three doctors try a new treatment method, a young lawyer has his first experience in court, and Mr. Eckelstone teaches scouts the dangers of wilderness survival.
6 Craig Camp May 6, 2013
Get a rare sneak peek behind the scenes of Studio C, watch as Gandalf confronts his biggest challenge yet, and see Ann go door to door renewing library cards.
7 Craig Camp May 13, 2013
The Indian in the Cupboard proves difficult to find, the Disney Vault comes under attack, and Jim Blonde gears up for his next mission.
8 Craig Camp May 20, 2013
Matt's stand-up routine is interrupted, eating bisque for lunch is harder than it should be, and Sidious is determined to bring his roommates to the dark side.
9 Craig Camp May 27, 2013
A tango competition gets a little sticky, Jason Bourne faces his greatest challenge yet, and deathbed repentance is trickier than expected.
10 Craig Camp June 3, 2013
The students at the flirting academy finally graduate, the radio mystery hour comes crashing down and Regis helps the latest Millionaire contestant.
11 Craig Camp June 10, 2013
Jason’s wobbly wheelbarrow is stolen, finding the drop is harder than it appears, and the characters of Candyland are in a financial crisis.
12 Craig Camp June 17, 2013
The weatherman gives his final five-day forecast, Gollum tries to work out his issues, and Shoulder Angel overcomes the Secret Service.

Season 3 (Fall 2013)[edit]

No. Directed by Original air date
1 Craig Camp October 7, 2013
Professor Wilcox teaches the subtle and sophisticated art of photo bombing, Matt tells his dad about a fight at school, and when the Shoulder Angel has a moral quandary who does he turn to?
2 Craig Camp October 14, 2013
Matt's parents invested ALL of his inheritance, a hungry friend gets rather emotional after losing something very dear to him at a funeral, and Hank plans an unusual surprise party, return of Lobster Bisque.
3 Craig Camp October 21, 2013
Mallory testifies to Matt's inability to commit the crime he's accused of, Marco Polo visits the future to see how his namesake has affected future generations, and at a charity auction, a bidding war reaches levels beyond mere money.
4 Craig Camp October 28, 2013
An uncooperative lineup suspect won't read his line to the cops, Ann meets her greatest heartthrob yet - R.L. Stine, and in an episode of Murder Mystery Mansion, the group struggles to find the real killer.
5 Craig Camp November 4, 2013
Two Dungeons and Dragons gamers struggle with their most difficult quest yet, a 90-year-old cameraman struggles during a live taping of The Beatles, and the USA tells Great Britain that she will never get back together with him.
6 Craig Camp November 11, 2013
A father and his hyperactive son finally discover the genie’s lamp, a restaurant offers lower-calorie options with strings attached, and the truth finally settles a long sibling rivalry.
7 Craig Camp November 18, 2013
Mr. Eckelstone subs in the local Lamaze class, a talk show host tries to keep it together before the commercial break, and a high school team has to play a little ugly to win.
8 Craig Camp November 25, 2013
Uh oh, it’s Black Friday! Then, a bright inventor has each of his brilliant ideas ruined, a couple on a hike assists a stranded stranger, and Teddy explains how his story business works.
9 Craig Camp December 2, 2013
Stephen waits in an extremely romantic restaurant for his date to arrive, Whitney tries to learn how Mallory rates their friendship, and a soup-loving family prepares to meet their son’s new girlfriend.
10 Craig Camp December 9, 2013
Santa learns new ways to show his love this Christmas, Kyle’s mom takes him to the mall to visit Santa, and Christmas is not complete without toys coming to life.

Season 4 (Spring 2014)[edit]

No. Directed by Original air date
1 Craig Camp April 7, 2014
The Studio C cast starts off season four with a simple elevator ride, the crew on the Starship Enterprise takes a major fall, and the mad scientist invents his most terrifying creation yet.
2 Craig Camp April 14, 2014
A helpful banana tries to teach Tommy the importance of eating right, Matt discovers his future career, and the Founding Fathers welcomes James Madison to the group.
3 Craig Camp April 21, 2014
The survivors of a crashed plane search for help, Jason and his friends play the greatest video game ever, and the group at Hogwarts welcomes their newest class member.
4 Craig Camp April 28, 2014
Celine Dion introduces her daughter Lexi to the world, the world fencing championships reveal the greatest slow motion replay to date, and Adam tries to ditch his annoying wingman at the club.
5 Craig Camp May 5, 2014
Renaming a distant star turns out to have grave consequences, mothers get their new anthem, and Mozart is entertained by his greatest student yet.
6 Craig Camp May 12, 2014
The newest Star Wars production runs into a couple bumps, Leo the kiosk worker proves to be a bigger challenge than expected, and the male mind proves to be a little more divided than previously imagined.
7 Craig Camp May 19, 2014
Mates of State joins the Whale rally, the President fights through his most challenging press conference yet, and the Gods of the Greek Parthenon introduce themselves.
8 Craig Camp June 2, 2014
Marvin ruins another party game, the Mad Scientist unveils his latest creation, and the Guild of Adventurers try to press forward after their latest defeat.
9 Craig Camp June 9, 2014
Elementary school students lose some friends when the ground becomes lava, the Royal Queen tries to understand social media, and marketing has grand ideas for lobster bisque.
10 Craig Camp June 16, 2014
The President delivers what he believes will be his most motivational speech ever, the Brothers Grimm reveal their latest story to the commoners, and Studio C bids a fond farewell.


No. Directed by Original air date
Season 1 Favorites Craig Camp November 28, 2013
Compilation of the Top 10 favorite sketches from season one as voted by the fans.
Season 2 Favorites Craig Camp November 28, 2013
Compilation of the Top 10 favorite sketches from season two as voted by the fans.
Cast Favorites Craig Camp November 28, 2013
This special reveals the Top 10 favorite sketches from season three chosen by the cast of Studio C.
How to make your own Studio C Craig Camp April 5, 2014
This special is a step by step guide to making your own Studio C with sneak peaks to the Season 4 Opener.

Recurring characters and sketches[edit]

"Shoulder Angel"
Matt Meese plays a life-sized shoulder angel. Humor results from the fact that Shoulder Angel feels the need to physically and awkwardly climb to a perch upon the right shoulder of the body of each character for which he attempts to act as a conscience. His catchphrase is "Poof!" which he says upon entering the scene. A variant on this skit is Shoulder Devil, also played by Meese, a life-sized, obese devil who also climbs the body of each character he attempts to tempt. Debuted Season 1, Episode 2. Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil have appeared in 6 sketches.

A sketch where members of the cast attempt to perform a long tongue-twister. If any of the cast make a mistake, the sketch is immediately restarted. Each tongue-twister has a letter used that they alliterate. The first one was d, while the other was r & w. Recurring elements include Stacey Harkey eating food during the sketch and Mallory Everton appearing suddenly from an unexpected place. Adam Berg does not participate in the tongue-twister, but is the victim of some form of slapstick comedy from something done by Jason Gray. Debuted Season 1, Episode 4. There have been 2 tongue-twister sketches.

A baby, voiced by Matt Meese, that has the maturity and mental capacity of an adult, yet retaining all the physical needs of an infant. He attends college and humor results in the discomfort others have when they interact with him. He had a romantic relationship with another infant similar to him, Evelyn DeWinter, voiced by Whitney Call, who is now a class TA at his college. Debuted Season 1, Episode 6. Spencer has appeared in 3 sketches.

"Awkward Avoidance Viking"
A silent character played by Jason Gray, dressed as a Viking warrior. He appears whenever Matt Meese has an awkward encounter with another person. The Awkward Avoidance Viking will rise up behind the back of the character Meese would like to avoid, and upon a nod of approval from Meese, knocks the character unconscious by hitting them in the head with his club. There are other Awkward Avoidance Vikings as well, including a female version, and ones that punish the Viking when he is spotted. Awkward Avoidance Viking segments are shot off-set with a single-camera setup and include an animated intro as well as a musical theme. Debuted Season 1, Episode 7. The Awkward Avoidance Viking has appeared in 6 segments.

"Sir Francis "Franny" François"
A parody of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Franny is played by Jason Gray. Franny is an exaggeratedly effeminate British macaroni in the 18th century. To the consternation of his foil, the masculine Captain Blake, played by Matt Meese, Franny is adored by the ladies and is more effective at warfare and stopping crime. Franny is accompanied by his lute-playing assistant, played by Jeremy Warner. Debuted Season 1, Episode 9. Franny has appeared in 2 sketches.

Jason Gray impersonates Dobby the house-elf from the Harry Potter series. Comic situations arise when characters are faced with being required to do something bad to Dobby (his manager at Walmart firing him as door greeter, Jason Bourne executing him) and yet Dobby still loves them unconditionally and his characterological self-blame causes him to believe he deserves his punishment. Dobby aggressively uses his magical powers to protect the character after they can't go through with it. Debuted Season 1, Episode 9. Dobby has appeared in 3 sketches.

"Mr. Eckelstone"
Matt Meese plays the aged Mr. Eckelstone, who characteristically exaggerates the danger of situations out of proportion, terrifying those around him. Mr. Eckelstone is a driver's education instructor, a boy scout leader, and a lamaze instructor. His catchphrase is "Deer!" which he mistakenly yells while pointing his crippled right hand because of an enormous cataract in his left eye. Debuted Season 2, Episode 1. Mr. Eckelstone has appeared in 3 sketches.

"Flirting Academy"
Whitney Call acts as the instructor of a group of people who although normal in every other capacity, are completely dysfunctional when attempting to flirt with members of the opposite gender. The dysfunctional class members are played by Mallory Everton, Stephen Meek, Jeremy Warner, Natalie Madsen, Matt Meese, and Jason Gray. Debuted Season 2, Episode 2. The Flirting Academy has appeared in 2 sketches.

"V.I.S.C.I.P.A.M. (Video Instruction Series Can Inform People About Men)"
Jason Gray plays Dr. Friedrich Schneider, a German academic who studies stereotypes of men who calls himself "the world's foremost authority on male anthropology". V.I.S.C.I.P.A.M. is filmed as a mockumentary that is Schneider's publication of his most recent findings. Each segment shows a different case study that is presented as observational fly on the wall footage in a lab room, narrated by Schneider, in which the male behavior is often greatly exaggerated for comic effect. The series includes an animated intro and a background musical theme. Debuted Season 2, Episode 2. There have been 4 V.I.S.C.I.P.A.M. segments.

"A Message From Studio C"
A series of mock PSAs shot off-set in single-camera setup. The PSAs typically feature something ironic or unexpected. Text concerning the fake announcement is overlaid at the end of the video and then it cuts to the Studio C logo and the words, "This Has Been A Message From Studio C". Debuted Season 2, Episode 2. There have been 7 segments of A Message From Studio C.

"Just Jeremy"
A segment exclusively featuring Jeremy Warner and focused on offbeat and quirky humor. Each segment begins with Warner facing stage right in the dark while a voiceover introduces Warner while making a ridiculously fake claim about him. The Just Jeremy theme is sung, Warner turns to face the audience, the lights are raised, and Warner addresses the audience about the subject of the segment. The set background is a wall with a vertical wood pattern and typically is adorned with framed pictures and shelves with objects which generally all have a matching theme. Warner wears a different t-shirt for each segment, typically featuring an animal. The segment concludes with Warner turning to face stage right again as the lights fall while the Just Jeremy theme is repeated. The only other person to have appeared on this segment is James Perry, who was impersonating Warner at the time. Debuted Season 2, Episode 2. There have been 7 segments of Just Jeremy.

"Ann Withers"
Ann is a single, middle-aged librarian played, by Whitney Meek, who characteristically inserts book titles into her conversation, lifting up the book as she says its title. Ann pronounces her name as "Enn", leading to confusion over what her name is when she introduces herself to others. Ann has a preference for much younger men, but tends to scare away all the men she attempts to seduce. Debuted Season 2, Episode 3. Ann has appeared in 4 sketches and cameoed in 1 segment of Awkward Avoidance Viking.

"Captain Literally"
A superhero played by Matt Meese, who arrives whenever someone uses the word "literally" to emphasize something that is not strictly true. Captain Literally uses his superpowers to make what was said become reality. His catchphrase is "Balance Restored!", which he says following the use of his powers. His uniform is a full-body red spandex suit, with blue briefs and wristbands over the suit, a blue cape, blue domino mask, and a capital blue letter "L" emblazoned on the chest. The segment is shot off-set with a single-camera setup, has a musical theme, and includes an animated intro and outro that shows his adventures as part of a comic book. Debuted Season 2, Episode 4. There have been 7 Captain Literally segments.

"Famous Last Words"
Different scenarios are depicted of things people might say right before death or injury. The humor is largely ironic. It is shot off-set with single-camera setup and each segment generally contains many short scenarios that are shown right after each other in rapid succession. Debuted Season 2, Episode 11. There have been 2 segments of Famous Last Words.

"Worst . . . Ever"
A miniseries showing someone who is the worst at their job, e.g. "Worst Kindergarten Teacher Ever". The scenes are shot off-set at various locations, depending on the occupation. Debuted Season 3, Episode 2. There have been 4 segments of "Worst . . . Ever"

"Lobster Bisque"
A chef played by James Perry, who shouts "Lobster Bisque" or "World famous, you should try it, Lobster Bisque!", much to the annoyance of other characters. He debuted in Season 2. There have been 4 Lobster Bisque segments.

"Hyperactive Kyle"
Played by Matt Meese, he is a hyperactive child. Often gets repeating items, such as a Xbox or iPhone, and will say "Cool, now I have two...". He annoys his parents and the other characters. He debuted in Season 3, Episode 6. There has been 3 segments of Hyperactive Kyle.

"Tweeting Rainbow"
A parody of Reading Rainbow, a short segment where Jeremy Warner makes a short joke about a book, then says "Hashtag ..." Usually the title of the book. There have been 5 segments of Tweeting Rainbow.

"Markus Picks Up Chixs"
A YouTube channel starring Jason Gray, who plays a person named Markus. Markus instructs the viewer how to get women to like you, and the hilarity in the series of videos is how Markus always makes the woman he is trying to impress feel strange and walk away, and then attribute that to something that would suggest that they were impressed. There have been 3 segments of Markus Picks Up Chixs.

"Jason Bourne" A spy that is constantly causing problems. He is portrayed by Stephen Meek, who is a featured member and is married to Whitney Call (Meek). Some of the problems he causes include killing people with a pamphlet, origami gun, and drowning a man with 3 ounces of shampoo.


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