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Studios 301
Industry Music production
Predecessor EMI
Founded 1926
Coordinates 33°53′55″S 151°11′43″E / 33.898665°S 151.195227°E / -33.898665; 151.195227
Number of locations
Sydney, NSW Australia & Byron Bay, Australia

Studios 301 is an Australian recording studio. Established in 1926, Studios 301 is the longest running professional recording studio in the southern hemisphere. It is also Australia’s largest Studio complex featuring 72 channel Neve 88R console and 72 channel SSL K Series consoles. Separating from EMI in 1996 it now has two complexes, the largest of these is located at 18 Mitchell Road, in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria, the other location is 373 Ewingsdale Road, Byron Bay.[1]


Studio 1 of Studios 301

Founded in 1926, the Columbia Graphophone Company studios were one of the oldest established in the world. In 1954 they relocated and were given a new name, EMI Studios. In 1978 they were renamed again as Studios 301 and completely re-equipped. Now privately owned, 301 have one of the largest recording rooms and mastering facilities in the Southern hemisphere. In 1996 Studios 301 was purchased by the management team at the time, then was sold again in 1998 when producer/engineer Tom Misner took ownership and underwent a multi million dollar relocation & re-build. Up to early 2011, Studios 301 were part of the SAE Technology College group, until SAE were sold and Tom Misner retained ownership of Studios 301.[2]


Studios 301 Orchestra Room

Studios 301 has a long and distinguished history, starting with the 1928 recording of the arrival of [[Charles Kingsford Smith]] and Charles Ulm into Australia following their flight from America, the first flight of its kind.[3] In 1932, the studio recorded another first, a landline recording of the Melbourne Cup, and in 1954, the recording of the first symphony in Australia (John Antille's 'Ballet Suite' with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra).[4]

In 1954, the studios relocated from their original site in Homebush, to 301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, and underwent a name change from Columbia Graphophone Studios to EMI Studios.[4] Stereo Recording was introduced to the studios in 1958. The first artist to be recorded in stereo was the Don Burrows All Star Band.[4] In 1969, the studios made the transition to 8 track recording, using a 3M 1" machine, and four years later EMI installed the "Abbey Road" Console, which was a 16 track 2" machine.[4] Transition to 24 track recording was made in 1975.

A total refit and redesign of the studios was carried out in 1978, and the name was changed to Studios 301.[4] The studios were now able to make fully digital recordings (the first for Kerrie Biddell and her band in 1979).[4]

1996-1998 saw Studios 301 changing hands after EMI sold them in a management team buyout. The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) group of companies, headed by Tom Misner, acquired Studios 301, as well as Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.[4] Misner directed the move of the recording facilities to their current location in Alexandria in 1999. The mastering facilities following in 2006.[4] Navitas bought out the SAE Group in 2011, however Misner retains ownership of Studios 301. The band 5 Seconds of Summer were discovered at Studios 301 by studio manager Adam Wilkinson in 2011.

Studios 301 Mastering and Recording[edit]

Studios 301 Neve 88R Console

Since 1980 Studios 301 Mastering has been catering for a multitude of Australian recording artists along with an ever-expanding international clientele. 301 Mastering is Australia's premier and largest fully purpose designed and built mastering complex. It features specifically tailored acoustics and monitoring along with high-end analogue and digital signal processing including vintage custom EMI TG mastering consoles and components providing a smooth, warm analogue sound. It is situated within the Studios 301 recording/mixing complex in Sydney. Artists who have used Studios 301 include Kanye West, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Muse, Black Eyed Peas, U2, Taio Cruz, Snoop Dogg, Powderfinger, Silverchair, Sneaky Sound System, Bag Raiders, The Vines, Washington, Santhosh Narayanan and Angus & Julia Stone. Dating further back, David Bowie, Prince, Elton John, Bob Dylan, The Easybeats, John Farnham, Icehouse, The Divinyls, Slim Dusty, The Angels, INXS and Midnight Oil.[4]

In July 2012, Studios 301 successfully wooed prolific American producer Nick DiDia to work in their Byron bay studio.[5] October 2012 sees the opening of six new production studios at the complex, making it one of the largest in the world.[6]


Year Artist Song/Album Credit
1977 Chrisye "Jurang Pemisah" Album Mastering
1979 Dire Straits "Communiqué" Album Mastering
1981 INXS "Underneath the Colours" Album Recording
1981 INXS "Stay Young" 7" Single Recording
1982 Cold Chisel "Circus Animals" Album Recording, Mixing
1983 INXS "Dekadance" 12" Single Remixing
1983 Split Enz "Conflicting Emotions" Album Mixing
1984 Cold Chisel "Twentieth Century" Album Recording and Mixing
1984 Duran Duran "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" Album Recording
1985 Cold Chisel "Radio Songs - A Best Of" Album Recording and Mixing
1985 Elton John "Breaking Hearts" Album Recording
1986 Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls "Gossip" Album Recording
1988 Kids in the Kitchen "Shine" Album Recording
1988 The Lime Spiders "Volatile" Album Mixing
1990 Slim Dusty "Coming Home" Album Recording
1994 Gina Jeffreys "The Flame" Album Recording & Mixing
1995 Powderfinger "Mr Kneebone" EP Mastering
1996 Gina Jeffreys "Up Close" Album Recording & Mixing
1998 Gina Jeffreys "Somebody's Daughter" Album Recording & Mixing
1999 DJ Tiësto "In Search of Sunrise" Album Recording
2001 Savage Garden "Declaration" Live Album Mixing
2002 INXS "Stay Young 1979-1982" Compilation Album Recording and Mastering
2002 Silverchair "Diorama" Album Orchestral Recording
2002 Regurgitator "Jingles" DVD Recording
2002 The Nugget "The Nugget" Film Score Mixing
2006 Happy Feet Soundtrack "Happy Feet" Film Score Score Mixing
2006 Radio Birdman "Zeno Beach" Album Recording
2007 Silverchair "Young Modern" Album String Recording
2008 McFly "Radio:Active" Album Recording
2009 Eskimo Joe "Inshulla" Album Recording
2009 Powderfinger "Golden Rule" Album Recording, Mixing, Orchestral String Recording
2009 QANTAS Orchestral Recording for TV commercial Recording
2010 Kanye West Tracks from Watch The Throne Album Recording
2010 Jay Z Tracks from Watch The Throne Album Recording
2010 Kanye West "Runaway" Single Recording
2010 The Vines "Future Primitive" Album Recording
2011 Jason Derulo "Bombs Away" Japanese Limited Release Recording
2011 Lady Gaga "Bloody Mary" Album Track - "Born This Way" Recording
2011 Angus and Julia Stone "I Can Sing This Song" Single Recording, Mastering
2011 The Jezabels "Prisoner" Album Recording
2011 Matt Corby "Into The Flame" EP Recording, Mastering
2011 Powderfinger "Fingerprints And Footprints" Album Recording, Mastering, Mixing
2011 Totally Unicorn "Horse Hugger" EP Recording, Mixing
2011 The Living End "The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating" Album Recording
2011 Kylie Minogue "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)" EP Mastering
2011 Darren Hayes "Bloodstained Heart" Single Mastering
2011 David Campbell "Let's Go" Album Recording, Mastering
2011 Matt Corby "Brother" Single Mastering, Mixing
2011 Justice Crew "Come Closer" Single Instrumental Mastering
2011 Tim Freedman "Australian Idle" Album Recording, Mastering
2011 Reece Mastin Self-Titled Album Mastering
2012 Matt Corby "Lighthome" Bonus Track Recording
2012 Esbjorn Svensson Trio "301" Album Recording
2012 360 "Boys Like You" Polyfonik Remix Mastering
2012 360 "Boys Like You" Alison Wonderland Remix Mastering
2012 Reece Mastin "Shout It Out" Mastering
2012 Guy Sebastian "Battle scars" feat. Lupe Fiasco Mastering
2012 Karise Eden "My Journey" Mastering
2012 Santhosh Narayanan "Attakathi" Album Mastering
2012 5 Seconds of Summer "Somewhere New" Recording
2013 Nantes "Beingsbeing" Recording
2014 Bruce Springsteen "High Hopes" Album Partial-Recording
2014 Jessica Mauboy iTunes Session EP Recording
2014 Santhosh Narayanan "Enakkul Oruvan" Album Mixing and Mastering
2015 Santhosh Narayanan "36 Vayadhinile" Album Partial-Recording & Mixing


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