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Stump or Nails
Players 2+
Age range Legal drinking age
Setup time 5 minutes

Stump is an American drinking game played with a hammer, nails, a tree stump, and beer. The exact place of origin is vague, but evidence suggests it was likely invented somewhere in the northeastern US, possibly at Paul Smith's College.[1] In the Southeast, the game has been referred to as Nails. The game is likely a derivative of Hammerschlagen.

The game[edit]

Basic hammer toss.

The game requires a tree stump, a hammer, and nails (at least 2.5" (7 cm) long), one per player. Each player must also have a beer.

To prepare the stump, nails are hammered into the stump, one per player, just far enough to be stable. Each player chooses a nail as "theirs". To play, the player tosses and catches the hammer, such that it makes at least one full 360-degree rotation before he touches it again. Upon catching it he immediately (without cocking or regripping it) tries to strike an opponent's nail to drive it further into the stump. The opponent must drink some beer, in proportion to the damage inflicted on his nail. There are other penalties which involve drinking beer. The winner is the last person whose nail remains standing.[2]


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