Stura di Demonte

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Stura di Demonte
Pietraporzio-IMG 1017.JPG
The Stura during its Alpine stage
(at Pietraporzio)
Stura di demonte location map.jpg
Location within southern Piedmont
Origin Lago della Maddalena, close to the Maddalena Pass
Mouth Tanaro, near Cherasco
Basin countries Italy (Piedmont: Province of Cuneo)
Length 115 km
Source elevation 1990 m [1]
Avg. discharge 47 m³/s
Basin area 1579 km²

Stura di Demonte (Latin: Stura) is a 115 km long river in northwestern Italy (Piedmont). It is a tributary to the river Tanaro, which is a tributary of the river Po. Its source is in the Alps, near the border with France. It flows through Demonte and Cuneo before joining the Tanaro just east of Cherasco.


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Coordinates: 44°40′N 7°53′E / 44.667°N 7.883°E / 44.667; 7.883