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For the Singaporean fashion and lifestyle magazine, see Style: (magazine).
June 1996 cover of Style
Editor Naomi Larkin (last editor)
Categories Fashion, Women, Home, Travel
Frequency Monthly
Company Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited
Country South Africa
Language English

Style was an iconic South African consumer magazine that was founded in 1981 and published by Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited. The magazine's founding editor was Marilyn Hattingh, who based the publication on American "city magazines", aimed at an upmarket readership of conspicuous consumers. The magazine was a highly influential chronicle of Johannesburg high society, and its tone was acerbic and often satirical. Its content was entirely South African in origin, and the writing staff included Hilary Prendini-Toffoli, Patrick Lee, Gus Silber, Adam Levin, Chris Marais, Linda Shaw and Lin Sampson. In late 2006, it was announced that the magazine would be discontinued.[1] The magazine has often been associated with a Kugel readership.[2]


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