Styx River (Queensland)

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Styx River
QR loco 1740 hauls a special train over the new Styx River bridge, ~1991.jpg
Railway bridge over the river.
Origin Connors and Broadsound Range
Mouth Broad Sound
Basin countries Australia
Basin area 3055 km² [1]

The Styx River is a short river in Queensland. It enters Broad Sound south of the Port of St Lawrence. The river is crossed by both the Bruce Highway and North Coast railway line.

The Styx River is wide at its mouth, resulting in a tidal bore at certain times. Much of the river valley remains natural leaving the water quality in a healthy state.[1]

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Coordinates: 22°35′12.76″S 149°38′18.49″E / 22.5868778°S 149.6384694°E / -22.5868778; 149.6384694