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The Suars (also known as Suvar) were a Bulgar-speaking people, probably of Hunnish descent, who lived in Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.

Chuvash scholars claim that the Suars were a branch of the Sabirs who migrated to the Middle Volga region in the 8th century CE. It is well established that one of the major cities of Volga Bulgaria was called Suar or Suwar, and that this city formed the center for a sub-kingdom, the Suar Duchy.

Today, many Chuvash regard the Suars as their ancestors. (Chuvash: Сӑвар) In the Mari language modern Volga Tatars are called Suas; Chuvash also are known as Suasenmari (which means Suar-icized Mari), or in Finnish language Suaslanmari.[1]


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