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A sub-prefecture-level city (Chinese: 副地级市, pinyin: fùdìjíshì), or vice-prefecture-level city, is an unofficial designation for a type of administrative division of China. A sub-prefecture-level city is officially considered to be a county-level city, but it has more power de facto because the cadres assigned to its government are one half-level higher in rank than those of an "ordinary" county-level city—though still lower than those of a prefecture-level city.

While county-level cities are under the administrative jurisdiction of prefecture-level divisions, sub-prefecture-level cities are often (but not always) administered directly by the provincial government, with no intervening prefecture level administration.

Examples of sub-prefecture-level cities that does not belong to any prefecture:Jiyuan (Henan province), Xiantao, Qianjiang and Tianmen (Hubei), Shihanza, Tumushuk, Aral, and Wujiaqu (Xinjiang).

Examples of sub-prefecture-level cities that nevertheless belong to a prefecutre:Golmud[1] (Haixi, Qinghai), Manzhouli[2] (Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia).

List of sub-prefecture-level city[edit]

Name Province Population (2010) Area (km²) Prefecture Seat
Qian'an Hebei 728,160 1,208 Qian'an Town
Xinji Hebei 615,919 951 Xinji Town
Dingzhou Hebei 1,165,182 1,274 Qingfengdian Town
Jiyuan Henan 660,000 1,931 Qinyuan Subdistrict
Xiantao Hubei 240,000 2,538 Shazui Subdistrict
Qianjiang, Hubei Hubei 998,525 774 Yunlin Subdistrict
Tianmen Hubei 1,731,482 2,004 Jingling Subdistrict
Shennongjia Hubei 76,140 3,253 Songbai Town
Manzhouli Inner Mongolia 152,473 424 Dongshan Subdistrict
Erenhot Inner Mongolia 74,197 450 Ulan Subdistrict
Golmud Qinghai 215,213 123,460 Kunlunlu Subdistrict
Shixenze (Shihezi)[3] Xinjiang 640,000 460 Xincheng Subdistrict
Bäatün (Beitun)[3] Xinjiang 76,300 910 Beitun Town
Baxägym (Tiemenguan)[3] Xinjiang 200,000 590 Boguqi Town
Tumxuk̂[3] Xinjiang 110,000 1,927 Qiganquelei Subdistrict
Aral[3] Xinjiang 166,205 5,258 Jinyinchuanlu Subdistrict
Vujyaqü (Wujiaqu)[3] Xinjiang 72,782 710 Junkenlu Subdistrict
Shuanghe[3] Xinjiang


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