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On 1 January 2010, the 26 old districts (German: Amtsbezirke, French: districts) were combined into 10 new districts (German: Verwaltungskreise, French: arrondissement administratif):[1]

They are grouped into five regions (German: Verwaltungsregionen).

As of 2007 there were 396 municipalities of the canton of Bern.

Districts 2010[edit]

Districts of the canton of Bern
New district (Verwaltungskreis) Capital Region Former district(s) (Amtsbezirk)
Bern-Mittelland Ostermundigen Bern-Mittelland all or part of Bern, Fraubrunnen, Konolfingen, Laupen, Schwarzenburg and Seftigen
Biel/Bienne Biel/Bienne Seeland all of Biel and about half of Nidau
Emmental Langnau im Emmental Emmental-Oberaargau all or part of Burgdorf, Signau and Trachselwald
Frutigen-Niedersimmental Frutigen Bernese Oberland all or part of Frutigen and Niedersimmental
Interlaken-Oberhasli Interlaken Bernese Oberland all or part of Interlaken and Oberhasli
Jura bernois Courtelary Jura Bernois Region all or part of Courtelary, Moutier and La Neuveville
Oberaargau Wangen an der Aare Emmental-Oberaargau all or part of Aarwangen and Wangen
Obersimmental-Saanen Saanen Bernese Oberland all of Obersimmental and Saanen
Seeland Aarberg Seeland all or part of Aarberg, Büren, Erlach and Nidau
Thun Thun Bernese Oberland all of Thun

Districts 2009[edit]

Districts of the canton of Bern

The canton of Bern is also subdivided into 26 districts (German: Amtsbezirke; French: districts), which have no more administrative or political significance since the introduction of the new larger administrative subdivisions listed above.

The districts are:

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