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Subi Reef or Zhubi Reef (Chinese: 渚碧礁; pinyin: Zhǔbì Jiāo; Tagalog: Zamora; Vietnamese: đá Xu Bi) is a reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea located 16 miles (26 km) southwest of Philippine-occupied Thitu Island.

It currently falls under the jurisdiction of Nansha islands, Sansha city, Hainan province, China.

Topography and features[edit]

Naturally above water only at low tide, it surrounds a huge lagoon. The People's Republic of China has constructed a 4-story building, a weather observation station with doppler weather radar, wharfs, and a helipad in the area. A buoyed channel guides ships to the inner lagoon which is 3.7 kilometers in diameter.[1][2][3][4]

Ownership disputes[edit]

Subi / Zhubi reef is claimed by the Republic of China who are its current occupants, Philippines, and Vietnam. In July 2012, a large fleet of 30 Chinese fishing vessels arrived at Zhubi reef from Hainan.[5][6]


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Coordinates: 10°54′48″N 114°03′43″E / 10.9133°N 114.062°E / 10.9133; 114.062