Subida a Urkiola

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Subida a Urkiola
Race details
Date Early August
Region Basque Country, Spain
English name Ascent to Urkiola
Local name(s) Subida a Urkiola (Spanish)
Urkiola Igoera (Basque)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
Organiser Sociedad Ciclista Bilbaina
First edition 1931 (1931)
Editions 33 (as of 2009)
First winner  Ricardo Montero (ESP)
Most wins  Leonardo Piepoli (ITA) (4 wins)
Most recent  Igor Antón (ESP)

Subida a Urkiola is a one-day cycling race in Durango, Biscay of the Basque Country. The first edition began in 1931 and is organized by the Sociedad Ciclista Bilbaina, but has not been held consistently until 1984 to present. Since 2005, the race is organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.


Rider Team
1931 Spain Montero, RicardoRicardo Montero (ESP)
No race
1936 Italy Leturia, ClaudioClaudio Leturia (ITA)
No race
1961 Spain Karmany, AntonioAntonio Karmany (ESP)
1962 Spain Jimenez, JulioJulio Jiménez (ESP)
1963 No race
1964 Spain Jimenez, JulioJulio Jiménez (ESP)
1965 Spain Jimenez, JulioJulio Jiménez (ESP)
1966 Spain Velez, EusebioEusebio Velez (ESP)
1967 No race
1968 No race
1969 Spain Mariscal, GabrielGabriel Mariscal (ESP)
No race
1984 Spain Belda, VicenteVicente Belda (ESP)
1985 Spain Rodriguez Magro, JoseJosé Rodriguez Magro (ESP)
1986 Colombia Vargas, ÓscarÓscar Vargas (COL)
1987 Spain Lejarreta, MarinoMarino Lejarreta (ESP)
1988 Spain Lejarreta, MarinoMarino Lejarreta (ESP)
1989 United States Hampsten, AndrewAndrew Hampsten (USA)
1990 United States Hampsten, AndrewAndrew Hampsten (USA)
1991 Spain Delgado, PedroPedro Delgado (ESP)
1992 Italy Chiappucci, ClaudioClaudio Chiappucci (ITA)
1993 Switzerland Rominger, TonyTony Rominger (CHE)
1994 Spain Jimenez, Jose MariaJosé Maria Jiménez (ESP)
1995 Italy Piepoli, LeonardoLeonardo Piepoli (ITA)
1996 Spain Jimenez, Jose MariaJosé Maria Jiménez (ESP)
1997 Switzerland Zberg, BeatBeat Zberg (CHE)
1998 Italy Bhorgheresi, SimoneSimone Bhorgheresi (ITA)
1999 Italy Piepoli, LeonardoLeonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2000 Italy Casagrande, FrancescoFrancesco Casagrande (ITA)
2001 Spain Odriozola, JonJon Odriozola (ESP)
2002 Italy Frigo, DarioDario Frigo (ITA)
2003 Italy Piepoli, LeonardoLeonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2004 Italy Piepoli, LeonardoLeonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2005 Spain Rodriguez, JoaquimJoaquim Rodríguez (ESP)
2006 Spain Mayo, IbanIban Mayo (ESP)
2007 Spain Gomez Marchante, Jose AngelJosé Ángel Gómez Marchante (ESP)
2008 Spain Arroyo, DavidDavid Arroyo (ESP)
2009 Spain Anton, IgorIgor Antón (ESP)

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