Subir Sachdev

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Subir Sachdev
Residence Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fields Condensed matter theory
Alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Harvard University,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Doctoral advisor D. R. Nelson
Known for AdS/CFT in condensed matter physics

Subir Sachdev is a Professor of Physics at Harvard University specializing in condensed matter.[1] He is known for his research on quantum phase transitions, and for a textbook on the subject.[2] In particular, he is famous for exploiting a connection between the electronic properties of materials near a quantum phase transition and the quantum theory of black holes.[3]


Sachdev was educated in India before attending MIT and Harvard, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree in theoretical physics. He held professional positions at Bell Labs (1985–1987) and at Yale University (1987–2005), where he was a Professor of Physics, before returning to Harvard.[4] He currently holds visiting positions at various universities.

Juan Maldacena discovered the AdS/CFT correspondence of string theory in 1997. In 2007, Sachdev, along with Christopher Herzog, Pavel Kovtun and Dam Thanh Son first used the AdS/CFT correspondence of string theory to study problems in condensed matter physics such as the description of 2+1 dimensional boson Hubbard model.[5][6] With Sean Hartnoll and Markus Müller, these methods were extended to apply to a wider class of systems with variable particle densities.[7]



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