Sublingual artery

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Artery: Sublingual artery
Veins of the tongue. The hypoglossal nerve has been displaced downward in this preparation.
Latin arteria sublingualis
Gray's p.553
Source lingual artery
Vein sublingual vein

The Sublingual Artery arises at the anterior margin of the Hyoglossus, and runs forward between the Genioglossus and Mylohyoideus to the sublingual gland.

It supplies the gland and gives branches to the Mylohyoideus and neighboring muscles, and to the mucous membrane of the mouth and gums.

One branch runs behind the alveolar process of the mandible in the substance of the gum to anastomose with a similar artery from the other side; another pierces the Mylohyoideus and anastomoses with the submental branch of the facial artery.

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