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The Submachine, Submerged Machine, series is a series of point-and-click adventure games, created by Mateusz Skutnik, and first released in September 2005.[1]

In all the games you play as an unidentified character who awakes, seemingly after having some sort of amnesia, in new locations of the "Submachine" and have to solve different puzzles and examine the environment in order to escape. The series has been generally well received. There are so far nine installations in the main series as well as four spin-offs. One of the spin-offs was made for a Jayisgames contest and another for the website of the band Future Loop Foundation.

In an interview with Igor Hardy, Mateusz Skutnik stated that "This series should go at least until Submachine 10. After that, I don't know."[2]

Released Games[edit]

Part of the main series[edit]

  • Submachine 1 : The Basement (Plus extended and HD Version) (changelogs)
  • Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse (Plus Revisited Version and HD Version)
  • Submachine 3 : The Loop (Plus HD version)
  • Submachine 4 : The Lab (Plus HD Version)
  • Submachine 5 : The Root (Plus HD Version)
  • Submachine 6 : The Edge (Plus HD Version)
  • Submachine 7 : The Core (Plus HD Version)
  • Submachine 8 : The Plan (Plus HD Version)
  • Submachine 9 : The Temple (Plus HD Version)

Unreleased Games[edit]

  • Submachine 10 : The Exit

Not a part of the main series[edit]

  • Submachine, the original game AKA Submachine 1 : The Basement

Various versions of this game can be played through Mateusz Skutnik's Submachine 1 Changelog.

  • Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure (Plus HD version)
  • Submachine: Future Loop Foundation
  • Submachine: 32 Chambers (Plus HD version)
  • Submachine Universe (stated as "not a game" by Mateusz Skutnik)
  • Submachine 2: The Lighthouse (Sketch)
  • iSubmachine, a game for iPhone (discontinued)


The Submachine series has drawn a multitude of fans to join Pastel Forum, created by the developer. On this forum, the fans have developed many theories, which are the main backing of most people's ideas on the story behind the Submachine, due to the often vague storyline that goes along with the series.

Some of these theories were included in one of the newest installations, the Submachine Network Exploration Experience. This was described as a "lovely way to include the player community in [...] a series of solo adventures" by Andrew Plotkin of GamesShelf in his review of the game.[3]


The series has won numerous awards, including four from Jayisgames:

  • Best of Casual Gameplay 2007 - Point-and-Click (for Submachine 4)
  • Best of Casual Gameplay 2009 - Adventure (for Submachine 6) [4]
  • Best of Casual Gameplay 2010 - Point-and-Click (for Submachine 7)
  • Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8 (for Submachine: 32 Chambers).[5]


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