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This article is about the cross-platform media software. For Windows object-relational mapper, see SubSonic (software).
Subsonic media streamer.png
Subsonic's main interface
Developer(s) Sindre Mehus
Initial release 2005-02-10
Stable release 5.0 / 2014-09-21
Written in Java
Operating system Platform independent (written in an interpreted language)
Available in English
Type Media server
License GPL

Subsonic is an open source, web-based media server. Because Subsonic was written in Java, it may be run on any operating system with Java support. Subsonic supports streaming to multiple clients simultaneously, and supports any streamable media (including MP3, AAC, and Ogg). Subsonic also supports on-the-fly media conversion (through the use of plugins) of most popular media formats, including WMA, FLAC, and more.

After a 30-day trial period, certain premium features require a $1/month subscription.[1][2]

Other features[edit]


Subsonic's Sourceforge project page shows that as of December 2013 there have been over 1,220,000 downloads of the software.[3]

Derivative software[edit]


In December 2011, the project was forked to create Supersonic, a community driven open source Git development effort with zero licensing costs and compatibility with all existing Subsonic clients through an API superset. The latest change to the Github repository was on Aug 22, 2014 in the jassonic branch.[4]


Iposonic is a python implementation of Subsonic API. It's tested with xml and jsonp clients. Does not require license fees and application servers. Supports cover arts and lyrics. Has a minimal footprint and supports various backends: in-memory, sqlite, MySQL Embedded and MySQL Server. It uses the Flask microframework.


Madsonic is a fork of Subsonic that adds features and bug fixes over the main branch. This project is still being actively worked on.[5]


FutureSonic is a fork of Madsonic, subsonic and other derivatives of Subsonic project. This project is actively developed and trying to be code base stabilized as many as possible.


MusicCabinet is designed for large music libraries. By integrating knowledge from, it adds and extends features in Subsonic. By 2013, this project has been effectively dead. Development has not continued.


Supysonic is another Python implementation of the Subsonic API. Provides basic administration through a web-interface.

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