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Subuk (died 922?) was a ghulam who gained the governorship of Azerbaijan in 919 and held it for three years.

In 919, Subuk's master, the Sajid Yusuf Ibn Abu'l-Saj, was captured by forces of the caliph, with whom he had been at war. Acting in order to protect Yusuf's interests, Subuk took control of Azerbaijan. After defeating a caliphal army, he was recognized as governor of the province by al-Muqtadir. For the next three years, he awaited the return of Yusuf. The latter was freed from prison and returned to Azerbaijan in 922; Subuk had died by that time.


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Preceded by
Yusuf Ibn Abu'l-Saj
Emir of Azerbaijan
Succeeded by
Yusuf Ibn Abu'l-Saj