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The Irish Sport Horse (ISH) (US: Irish Draught Sports Horse), also known as the Irish Hunter, is mainly the result of a cross between the Irish Draught and the Thoroughbred. It has been given recognition as a separate breed,. It is commonly bred from parents who are also Irish Sport Horses, in addition to being bred from the definitive parent breeds. The Irish Sport Horse is traditionally used for all purposes, from transportation, to riding, and working the land. However, it is becoming increasingly popular as a competition riding horse. Its natural athletic ability and fantastic jumping talents means that it excels in the show jumping arena, as well as competing at the highest levels of eventing. The horse is globally renowned for being one of the best fox hunting mounts in the world, and the Irish Sport Horse studbook regularly tops the rankings for eventing. Ireland produces a great number of Irish Sport Horses each year, many of them selling for great amounts in the United States and Europe.

Irish Sport Horses (ISH) have been successful in show jumping, and have won medals or been placed at the highest levels of the sport. The highest level of show jumping includes the Olympic Games, Show Jumping World Championships (WEG), European Show Jumping Championships, Show Jumping World Cup and the Pan-American Games.

Achievement Rider Horse Sire Dam Dam's sire
2007 World Cup Final 2nd United States Rich Fellers Flexible Cruising (ISH) Flex (ISH) Safari (xx)
2004 Olympic's eq. 4th Republic of Ireland Kevin Babington Carling King Clover Hill (RID) Gortnageer Star (ISH) Chair Lift (xx)
1982 Olympic Team Bronze United Kingdom David Broome Mr Ross Carnival Night(ISH) Castleisland Comefast (RID) Sang Froid (RID)
[(Equestrian at the 1996 Summer Olympics 2004 Olympic's eq. 4th United Kingdom Robert Smith Mr. Springfield Western Promise (ISH) Glebe Bess (RID) Ballinahow Boy (RID)
2002 World Champion Republic of Ireland Dermott Lennon Liscalgot Touchdown (ISH) Tulas Pride (ISH) Tula Rocket (xx)
1999 World Cup Final 2nd Republic of Ireland Trevor Coyle Cruising Seacrest (RID) Mullacrew (ISH) Nordlys (xx)
1996 Olympic Team Bronze Brazil Rodrigo Pessoa Loro Piana TomBoy Coevers (xx) Francis (ISH) Jab (xx)
1992 Olympic Individual Bronze United States Norman Dello Joio Irish Regular Guy (xx) Loughahoe Star (xx) Sandyman Star (xx)
1988 Olympic Team Silver United States Joseph Fargis Mill Pearl King of Diamonds (RID) Carran (xx) Anthony (xx)
1984 Olympic Individual Bronze Switzerland Heidi Robbiani Jessica V Candelabra (xx) Gentle Miss (ISH)
1984 Olympic Team Silver United Kingdom John Whitaker Ryans Son Ozymandias (xx) (Conn/Cyld)
1982 World Individual Silver United Kingdom Malcolm Pyrah Towerlands Anglezarke Jaycee (xx) (Co. Cork ID)
1978 World Individual Silver Republic of Ireland Eddie Macken Boomerang Battleburn (xx) Girl from the Brown Mountain (ISH)
1976 Olympic Team Silver West Germany Sönke Sönksen Kwepe Nordlys (xx) (xx) (xx)
1972 Olympic Individual Gold Italy Graziano Mancinelli Ambassador Nordlys (xx) (Co. Waterford ID) ID)
1970 World Champion United Kingdom David Broome Beethoven (xx) (ID)
1964 Olympic Individual Bronze Italy Graziano Mancinelli Rockette Water Serpent (xx) (ISH)
1960 World Champion Italy Raimondo D'Inzeo Gowran Girl Water Serpent (xx) (ISH) Mr. Ross
1960 Olympic Individual Silver Italy Piero D'Inzeo The Rock Water Serpent (xx) (ISH)


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