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The dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary was abolished in 1918. The current Head of the House of Habsburg is Archduke Karl. The succession law used is Semi-Salic.[1]


Pragmatic Sanction[edit]

Equal marriages[edit]

During the monarchy and for a number of decades afterwards to have the right of succession members of the House of Habsburg had to be born of an equal marriage. For a marriage of a member of the Imperial Family to be equal the spouse had to belong to one of the following: the Imperial Family of Austria-Hungary, a fellow ruling Christian royal family or a mediatised family. A family Statute introduced in 1900 further increased the pool of eligible partners by stating members of non-mediatised families which can prove they are belong to an ancient noble lineage, have a certain number of noble quarters and have held a noble fief for at least 300 years also met equality requirements for marriage into the Imperial Family.[2]

Around the time of the marriage of Archduke Karl in 1993 to Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, who did not meet the old equality requirements, the rules regrading equal marriages were relaxed. Currently for a marriage to be dynastic all that is needed is the consent of the head of the house and a religious marriage.[2] On 30 November 1990 the head of the house Crown Prince Otto granted the title Count or Countess von Habsburg to the issue of morganatic marriages.[2]


Although under the semi-salic succession law Archduchess possess the right of succession when there are no males left to succeed, during the monarchy upon marriage they were compelled to renounce their succession rights to the Austro-Hungarian thrones.[3]

First part of the line of succession[2][edit]

Descendants of Karl von Habsburg (born 1961; son of Otto von Habsburg)
  1. Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir (born 1997, only son of Karl)
Descendants of Otto von Habsburg (1912–2011; son of Emperor Charles I)
  1. Archduke Georg (born 1964, younger son of Otto); married to Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg, 1 son
  2. Archduke Karl-Konstantin (born 2004, son of Georg)
Descendants of Emperor Charles I (1887–1922)
Descendants of Archduke Robert
  1. Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este (born 1955, eldest son of Robert (1915–1996)); married to Princess Astrid of Belgium, 2 sons
  2. Archduke Amadeo of Austria-Este (born 1986, elder son of Lorenz)
  3. Archduke Joachim of Austria-Este (born 1991, younger son of Lorenz)
  4. Archduke Gerhard of Austria-Este (born 1957, second son of Robert)
  5. Archduke Martin of Austria-Este (born 1959, youngest son of Robert); married to Princess Katharina von Isenburg, 3 sons
  6. Archduke Bartholomäus of Austria-Este (born 2006, eldest son of Martin)
  7. Archduke Emmanuel of Austria-Este (born 2008, second son of Martin)
  8. Archduke Luigi Amedeo of Austria-Este (born 2011, third son of Martin)

Other Archdukes[2][edit]

Descendants of Archduke Felix
  1. Archduke Carl Philipp (born 1954, eldest son of Felix (1916–2011)); morganatically married to (1) [divorced] Martina Donath, (2) Annie-Claire Lacrambe, two sons, one by either marriage.
  2. Archduke István (born 1961, youngest son of Felix); married to Paola de Temesváry, 2 sons
  3. Archduke Andreas (born 1994, elder son of István)
  4. Archduke Pál (born 1997, younger son of István)
Descendants of Archduke Carl Ludwig
  1. Archduke Rudolf (born 1950, elder son of Carl Ludwig (1918–2007)), married to Baronne Hélène de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck, six sons
  2. Archduke Karl Christian (born 1977, eldest son of Rudolf) married to Estelle de Saint-Romain
  3. Archduke Johannes (born 1981, second son of Rudolf)
  4. Archduke Thomas (born 1986, third son of Rudolf)
  5. Archduke Franz-Ludwig (born 1988, fourth son of Rudolf)
  6. Archduke Michael (born 1990, fifth son of Rudolf)
  7. Archduke Josef (born 1991, youngest son of Rudolf)
  8. Archduke Carl Christian (born 1954, younger son of Carl Ludwig); married to Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg, 3 sons
  9. Archduke Imre (born 1985, eldest son of Carl Christian)
  10. Archduke Christoph (born 1988, second son of Carl Christian)
  11. Archduke Alexander (born 1990, youngest son of Carl Christian)
Descendants of Archduke Rudolf
  1. Archduke Karl Peter (born 1955, elder surviving son of Archduke Rudolf of Austria (1919–2010), married to Fürstin Alexandra von Wrede)
  2. Archduke Lorenz (born 2003, son of Karl Peter)
  3. Archduke Simeon (born 1958, younger surviving son of Rudolf, married to Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
  4. Archduke Johannes (born 1997, eldest son of Simeon)
  5. Archduke Ludwig (born 1998, second son of Simeon)
  6. Archduke Philipp (born 2007, youngest son of Simeon)
Descendants of Archduke Maximilian Eugen of Austria (1895–1952, brother of Charles I)
  1. Archduke Maximilian (born 1961, son of Ferdinand, 1918–2004, grandson von Maximilian Eugen); married to Sara Maya Al-Askari, 2 sons
  2. Archduke Nikolaus (born 2005, elder son of Maximilian)
  3. Archduke Constantin (born 2007, younger son of Maximilian)
  4. Archduke Philipp (born 1962, eldest son of Heinrich, 1925–2014); married to Mayasuni Heath
  5. Archduke Ferdinand (born 1965, second son of Heinrich); married to Gräfin Katharina von Hardenberg
  6. Archduke Jakob-Maximilian (born 2002, son of Ferdinand)
  7. Archduke Konrad (born 1971, youngest son of Heinrich); married to Ashmita Goswami

Tuscany line[2][edit]

Descendants of Archduke Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1835–1908)
  1. Archduke Leopold Franz, Prince of Tuscany (born 1942, son of Archduke Gottfried (1902–1984), grandson of Peter Ferdinand (1874–1948), great-grandson of Ferdinand IV.; renounced his rights as (Titular) Grand Duke of Tuscany and Head of the Tuscany line in favour of his son, married to (1) [divorced] Laetitia de Belzunce-d'Arenberg, (2) [divorced] Marta Perez Valverde). Issue by first marriage only.
  2. Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born 1966, elder son of Leopold Franz); married to Elyssa Edmonstone)
  3. Archduke Leopold, Grand Prince of Tuscany (born 2001, elder son of Sigismund)
  4. Archduke Maximilian, Prince of Tuscany (born 2004, younger son of Sigismund)
  5. Archduke Guntram, Prince of Tuscany (born 1967, younger son of Leopold Franz); morganatically married to Debora de Sola, created Gräfin von Habsburg, with issue.
  6. Archduke Radbot, Prince of Tuscany (born 1938, son of Georg (1905–1952), grandson of Peter Ferdinand (1974–1948)); morganatically married to Caroline Proust, with issue.
  7. Archduke Georg, Prince of Tuscany (born 1952, son of Georg (1905–1952)), married
Descendants of Archduke Karl Salvator of Austria-Tuscany (1839–1892, brother of Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany)
  1. Archduke Dominik, Prince of Tuscany (born 1937, son of Anton (1901–1987), grandson of Leopold Salvator (1863–1931), great-grandson of Karl Salvator); morganatically married twice (1) [divorced] to Engel von Voss, 2 sons; (2) Emmanuela (Nella) Mlynarski.
  2. Archduke Leopold, Prince of Tuscany (born 1956, son of Friedrich Salvator (1927–1999), grandson of Hubert Salvator (1894–1971), great-grandson of Franz Salvator (1866–1939), great-great-grandson of Karl Salvator (1839–1892)), not married
  3. Archduke Alexander Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 1959, brother of Leopold); married to Countess Maria-Gabriele von Waldstein
  4. Archduke Constantin Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 2002, son of Alexander Salvator)
  5. Archduke Paul Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 2003, son of Alexander)
  6. Archduke Andreas Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 1936, son of Hubert Salvator); married to (1) [divorced (annulled 2002)] Maria de la Piedad Espinosa de los Monteros y Rosillo (2) 2001 and 2003 (religious) Countess Valerie Podstatzky-Lichtenstein. Issue by the second marriage only.
  7. Archduke Thaddäus Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 2002 son of Andreas Salvator)
  8. Archduke Casimir Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 2003, son of Andreas Salvator)
  9. Archduke Markus, Prince of Tuscany (born 1946, son of Hubert Salvator); married morganatically to Hildegard (Hilde) Maria Jungmayr, with issue.
  10. Archduke Johann, Prince of Tuscany (born 1947, son of Hubert Salvator); married morganatically to Anne-Marie Stummer, with issue.
  11. Archduke Michael, Prince of Tuscany (born 1949, son of Hubert Salvator); married to Eva Antonia von Hoffman, with issue.
  12. Archduke Franz Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 1927, son of Theodor Salvator (1899–1978), grandson of Franz Salvator (1866–1939), great-grandson of Karl Salvator; married (1) Anna-Amalie Prinzessin von Schönburg-Waldenburg (divorced 1966); (2) morganatically 1980 Hedwig Lichem-Lowenburg, with issue.
  13. Archduke Carl Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (born 1936, brother of Franz Salvator (1899–1978); married to Edith Wenzl Frn von Sternbach, 4 sons
  14. Archduke Matthias, Prince of Tuscany (born 1971, eldest son of Carl Salvator); married morganatically twice (1) [divorced] Sabine Binder, (2) Eva Anderle. Issue by second marriage only.
  15. Archduke Johannes, Prince of Tuscany (born 1974, second son of Carl Salvator)
  16. Archduke Bernhard, Prince of Tuscany (born 1977, third son of Carl Salvator)
  17. Archduke Benedikt, Prince of Tuscany (born 1983, youngest son of Carl Salvator)

Hungarian Palatine line[2][edit]

Descendants of Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary (1776–1847)
  1. Archduke Joseph Árpád (born 1933, son of Joseph Franz (1895–1957), grandson of Joseph August (1872–1962), great-grandson of Joseph Karl (1833–1905), great-great-grandson of Joseph Anton (1776–1847); Head of the Palatine of Hungary line); married to Princess Maria of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, issue 4 surviving sons
  2. Archduke Joseph Karl (born 1960, eldest surviving son of Joseph Árpád)
  3. Archduke Joseph Albrecht (born 1994, elder son of Joseph Karl)
  4. Archduke Paul Leo (born 1996, younger son of Joseph Karl)
  5. Archduke Andreas (born 1963, second surviving son of Joseph Árpád); married to Countess Marie-Christine von Hatzfeldt-Dönhoff, issue 3 sons.
  6. Archduke Friedrich-Cyprian (born 1995, eldest son of Andreas)
  7. Archduke Pierre (born 1997, second son of Andreas)
  8. Archduke Benedikt-Alexander (born 2005, youngest son of Andreas)
  9. Archduke Nikolaus (born 1973, third surviving son of Joseph Árpád); married to Eugenia de Calonje y Gurrea, 2 sons
  10. Archduke Nicolás (born 2003, elder son of Nikolaus)
  11. Archduke Santiago (born 2006, younger son of Nikolaus)
  12. Archduke Johannes (born 1975, son of Joseph Árpád); married to María Gabriela Montenegro Villamizar
  13. Archduke Johannes (born 2010, son of Johannes)
  14. Archduke István (born 1934, brother of Joseph Árpád); married morganatically to Maria Anderl, with issue
  15. Archduke Géza (born 1940, brother of Joseph Árpád); married morganatically twice (1) [divorced] Monika Decker and (2) Elizabeth Jane Kunstadter. Issue by both marriages.
  16. Archduke Michael (born 1942, brother of Joseph Árpád); married to Princess Christiana of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, his sister-in-law, issue 2 sons
  17. Archduke Eduard (born 1967, elder son of Michael); married to Baroness Maria Theresia von Gudenus, 1 son
  18. Archduke Paul (born 2000, son of Eduard)
  19. Archduke Paul (born 1968, younger son of Michael), a legionary of Christ priest

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