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Origin Texas, United States
Genres Indie-pop, Dream pop, Indie, Folk, Alternative
Years active 2011–present
Associated acts Mutemath, Eisley, Jeremy Larson
Members Stacy DuPree-King

Sucré is the solo project of vocalist Stacy Dupree-King, of Eisley.[1] Her music is produced by her husband and drummer Darren King, of Mutemath, and multi-instrumentalist and arranger Jeremy Larson[2] Sucré was formed in 2011 and began to play shows in 2012. Their first single, "When We Were Young", debuted in early 2012,[3] and their debut album, A Minor Bird, was released on April 10, 2012. As of April 9, 2012, the album was streaming on HelloGiggles.[4]

For Valentine's Day, Sucré premiered a music video of "You and Me" (made famous from the Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams film Blue Valentine [5]) with Nylon Magazine. "It's intimate and catchy," Nylon[6] said of King and company's interpretation of the tune.

On August 25, 2014, Sucré released the first original recording in two years with "Young and Free." [7]

Loner EP[edit]

On September 2, 2014, Sucré released a 5-song EP titled Loner.[8] The release received many positive reviews; HelloGiggles said it "perfectly flows from one song to the next." [9] Interview Magazine spoke with Stacy and said of her about the release and noted, "King has spent the majority of her life surrounded by a wealth of creativity that has inevitably shaped and nurtured her own musical identity. [10]


The first music by Sucré released was a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Spring" in 2010.[11][12] She played their first show February 6, 2012 in Los Angeles at The Hotel Cafe [13] and have done a few shows prior including Webster Hall in New York City and Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. In October 2012, Stacy and husband Darren had a daughter named Scarlett.[14]

Recent Events[edit]

Sucré embarked on the first-ever tour shortly after the release of Loner performing throughout the midwest and east coast.[15] Sucré headlined shows at Stubb's Jr in Austin and the Marlin Room at Webster Hall [16] during this tour.


Studio album by Sucré
Released September 2, 2014
Recorded 2014
Genre Alternative pop
Length 15:00
Label Red Velvet
Producer Jeremy Larson, Darren King

Loner (2014)[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Wandering Back"   1:25
2. "Young and Free"   3:33
3. "Loner"   3:28
4. "Crazy"   2:53
5. "Line of Fire"   4:03
Total length:
A Minor Bird
Studio album by Sucré
Released April 10, 2012
Recorded 2010–2011
Genre Indie pop
Length 38:55
Label Red Velvet
Producer Jeremy Larson, Darren King

A Minor Bird (2012)[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hiding Out"   3:29
2. "When We Were Young"   3:00
3. "Troubled Waters"   3:56
4. "Light Up"   2:33
5. "Chemical Reaction"   5:08
6. "Say Something"   4:04
7. "Endless Sleep"   3:17
8. "No Return"   4:18
9. "Persuasion"   3:22
10. "Stampede"   2:59
11. "The Cliff Waltz"   2:54
Total length:


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