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Sucuri LLC
Founded 2010
Headquarters Menifee, California, USA
Key people
Daniel B. Cid and Tony Perez
Slogan Protect your interwebs
For the snake, see Anaconda.

Sucuri is a company that offers a security service that detects unauthorized changes to network (cloud) assets, including web sites, DNS, Whois records, SSL certificates and others. It is also heavily used as an early warning system to detect malware, spam and other security issues on web sites and DNS hijacking.


Sucuri consists of a main application that tracks all the domains and sites being monitored and a set of tests to be done. Everything is executed in the cloud and a web interface is available to manage all the information.

  • Web-based Integrity monitoring - Alert on changes to web sites
  • Web-based Malware detection - Crawler and detects malware on web sites
  • Whois monitoring - Tracks your Whois records for changes
  • DNS Monitoring - Tracks your DNS (IP addresses, domains for changes)
  • Web interface - Management interface to manage it all.
  • Malware Removal - Exploit remediation and server hardening
  • Website Firewall - Protection for websites against common threats and DDoS attacks

Controversies and publicizing mass infections[edit]

Sucuri became famous when they started to publicize the tools used on mass attacks against sites hosted at GoDaddy. GoDaddy criticized them for sharing too much information and possibly helping the attacks. In their defense, it was stated that everything they posted was already known by the black hat community, and it only helped the users to understand and better protect themselves.[citation needed]


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