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Rocas de Suesca, a beloved destination for those who love climbing, trekking and rafting
Location of the town and municipality of Suesca in Cundinamarca Department.
Virgen en Rocas de Suesca, This picture was taken in Rocas de Suesca
Iglesia Nuestra Señora Del Rosario, Suesca

Suesca is a town in Cundinamarca Department, Colombia. It is located at northern Bogotá, 59 km from Colombian Capital of Bogotá, part of the geographical region called Sábana de Bogotá, or plain of Bogotá. Suesca is a scenic countryside town very close to Bogotá which is well known because its landscape attracts devotees of climbing, trekking, and rafting. It is surrounded by dairy farms and flower plantations.

Suesca in chibcha language means "Suejica" which means "Birds of the Cliff"


  • Handicrafts: Wool clothes.
  • Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario.
  • Laguna de Suesca: a natural lake that is located at 3000 meters over the sea level. It is found 10 km from Suesca town.
  • Rocas de Suesca, natural cliffs approximately 4 km long that are located 1 km before arriving to Suesca town. A beautiful landscape, the rocks are ideal for people who love trekking and climbing. The rocks of Suesca are considered the birthplace of Colombian rock climbing, and feature hundreds of routes on excellent quality sandstone up to several pitches in length, with a majority of routes being one pitch. The area is best known for traditional climbing, but there are many sport (bolted) routes as well. The Bogotá River flows beside Rocas de Suesca . To arrive to the cliffs, you walk from the town along the train tracks for about 10 minutes. (the train only runs very early in the morning, so there is little danger). Camping is available very close to cliffs or there is reasonably priced lodging close to Rocas de Suesca.
  • Getting to Suesca: by car or bus:

- By car from Bogotá, you should take Autopista Norte that goes to Tunja, passing a toll bridge in Autopista Norte then you will pass Briceño, the town of Tocancipa and a second toll bridge then you will find on the main road to Tunja a crossroads; right leads to Sesquile and left to Suesca, Suesca is approximately 15 km from the main road. It is about 59 km from Bogota to Suesca, around an hour's travel time.

- By Bus from Bogotá, you can take city buses to the large public transportation terminal called Portal Norte de Transmilenio, and from there take the Flota Alianza bus to Suesca. These buses are quite frequent, and have a cost of approximately 3 Euros. From downtown Bogota on public transportation one should budget about 2 hours to get to Suesca, or one hour from the Portal Norte terminal.

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Coordinates: 05°06′N 73°48′W / 5.100°N 73.800°W / 5.100; -73.800