Suez Canal University

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Suez Canal University
جامعة قناة السويس
Established 1976
Type Public university
President Dr. Mamdouh Mostafa Ghorab
Location Ismaïlia, Egypt
30°37′22″N 32°16′30″E / 30.62278°N 32.27500°E / 30.62278; 32.27500Coordinates: 30°37′22″N 32°16′30″E / 30.62278°N 32.27500°E / 30.62278; 32.27500

The Suez Canal University is an Egyptian university serving the Suez Canal area, having its faculties divided among the Suez Canal governorates (Port Said, Suez & Ismailia Governorates). It was established in 1976. It is notable for its non-classic research. It has 28 faculties (12 in Ismaïlia, 9 in Port Said, 5 in Suez and 2 in Arish[1]) with a total number of students reaching 21,325.[2]

The University has about 53 special units for research, education and community development.[3]


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