Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge

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Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge
Carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic
Crosses Connecticut River
Locale Suffield, Connecticut to Thompsonville, Connecticut
Design 5-span iron through truss bridge
Total length 1,060 feet (323 m)
Construction begin August 15, 1892
Construction end January 14, 1893
Opened February 20, 1893
Toll 3¢ for pedestrians
12¢ for single teams
15¢ for double teams
Closed 1971
Coordinates 41°59′57″N 72°36′25.56″W / 41.99917°N 72.6071000°W / 41.99917; -72.6071000 (Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge)Coordinates: 41°59′57″N 72°36′25.56″W / 41.99917°N 72.6071000°W / 41.99917; -72.6071000 (Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge)
Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge is located in Connecticut
Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge

The Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge was a 5-span iron through truss bridge over the Connecticut River located between present day Suffield, Connecticut and Thompsonville, Connecticut (Enfield). It connected Burbank Avenue in Suffield with Main Street in Thompsonville. Its four stone piers still stand today.


In 1889 the Suffield and Thompsonville Bridge Company was granted a charter to construct an iron bridge across the Connecticut River between Thompsonville and Suffield. They owned the bridge.

  • Iron Contractor: The Berlin Iron Bridge Company of Berlin, Connecticut
  • Stone Contractor: O.W. Weand of Reading, PA
  • First toll-taker: Nathan Hemenway
  • Tolls: three cents for pedestrians, twelve cents for single teams and fifteen cents for double teams.

Not shown in the image was a walkway on the south (downstream) side of the bridge. Very popular for shad fishing.[citation needed]

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