Suffragette (film)

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Directed by Sarah Gavron
Produced by Alison Owen
Faye Ward
Written by Abi Morgan
Starring Meryl Streep
Carey Mulligan
Helena Bonham Carter
Ben Whishaw
Cinematography Eduard Grau
Edited by Barney Pilling
Release dates
  • January 16, 2015 (2015-01-16) (UK)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Suffragette is an upcoming British drama film directed by Sarah Gavron and written by Abi Morgan. The film centres on early members of the British women's suffrage movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.[1] The film stars Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ben Whishaw.[2]

The principal photography began on February 24, 2014. It is the first film in history which is being shot at the Houses of Parliament, UK, which is being done with the permission of MPs.



In April 2011 it was announced that Film4 Productions, Focus Features and Ruby Films are developing a history drama film about the British women's suffrage movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.[1] Abi Morgan is set to write the script while Sarah Gavron is attached to direct the film.[1] On October 24, 2013, it was revealed that Pathé has replaced Focus, while BFI Film Fund is to fund for the film.[3]


On February 24, 2013, Carey Mulligan was added to the cast to play the lead role.[3] On December 20, 2013, Helena Bonham Carter joined the film.[4] On February 19, 2014, Meryl Streep has joined the film's cast to play British activist Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst.[2] On February 20, 2014, Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson joined the cast of the film.[5]


Shooting was set to start on February 24, 2014.[5] Later the principal photography of the film began on February 24, 2014 in London.[6][7][8] On March 3, 2014, it was announced that for the first time in the history a commercial film will be filmed at Houses of Parliament, UK.[9] British members of Parliament have approved an application by the film's crew to access to the historic and instantly recognisable Palace of Westminster to film commercially for the first time.[10] On March 14, 2014, Mulligan was spotted with a young co-star during the filming of some scenes in London.[11] On March 25, 2014, Streep was spotted on the set while filming some scenes in London.[12] On March 26, Streep and Mulligan were again spotted on the set of the film.[13]

On April 11, 2014, Mulligan, Bonham-Carter and Duff were spotted during the filming some scenes at the House of Parliament along with 250 extras playing a mob of rioters in the early 20th century.[14][15]


An official first look from the film was revealed by Pathe on June 2, 2014.[16]

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