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Also known as SuG Heavy Positive Rock
Origin Japan
Genres rock with elements[1] heavy metal, pop-punk and electronic music
Years active 2006–present
Labels PS Company, Indie PSC, Pony Canyon, CLJ Records
Associated acts Travel
Members Takeru
Past members Shōta

Sug (typeset as SuG) is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2006. The band has released two EPs, two full-length studio albums, and several singles. Until 2009, the band was signed to "Indie PSC", a subdivision of PS Company.[2] As of 2010, they have signed onto a major label, Pony Canyon, and joined the forefront of major bands on PS Company.

The band's tagline in promotional work is "Heavy Positive Rock."


Vocalist Takeru and guitarists Masato and Yuji had previously performed in a band called Travel. After Travel disbanded, they joined with AmeriA's bassist, Shouta, to form Sug in October 2006. The drummer Mitsuru then joined in November of the same year.[3]

Shouta left the band in February and was replaced by Chiyu on bass. Their first release was "7th Breeze" on the compilation album Cannonball Vol. 03. The band signed to the visual-kei management PS Company, and in August 2007, the band released their first single, "Scheat".[3] Months after the release of their first single, Sug released their first EP entitled Love Scream Party. To promote their music outside of Japan, Sug performed at "J-Rock Invasion" in Germany alongside Kagrra, Kra, Alice Nine, and Screw—all of whom are also signed to CLJ Records, a German label.[4]

Mitsuru left Sug after their live on May 9, 2009. It is supposed that Mitsuru left citing creative differences to the remaining band members. Their support drummer at the time, Shinpei, became a full-time member of the band after Mitsuru's departure.

Following the announcement of their single "Gr8 Story," Sug announced their move onto major label PS Company during the live event called "Sug Fes 2009 Alternative POP Show ~ Vol.6" on November 30, 2009.[5] "Gr8 Story" was released through Pony Canyon, and the title track was used as the ending song for the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime[6] According to the band, the song is "rather punkish", yet with a catchy tune and an "easy-listening appeal".[7]

Their second studio album and their first album through Pony Canyon, Tokyo Muzical Hotel, was released on March 9, 2010. Their third studio album and their second album through Pony Canyon Thrill Ride Pirates, was released a year later, also on March 9.

On October 7th, 2012, SuG announced they would officially leave PSC after their performance on December 29th at Yoyogi Kyougijou Daini Taikukan, resulting in a temporary hiatus.


The name "Sug" is derived from the transliteration of the English word "thug", written (and pronounced) in Japanese as Sagu (サグ?). The name is then simplified to the slightly more romantic "Sug".[8]


Former members
  • Shōta (渉歌?) – bass (2006–2007)
  • Mitsuru – drums (2006–2009)


Albums and EPs[edit]


  • Scheat (1 August 2007)
  • Yumegiwa Downer (2 September 2007)
  • Alterna. (5 September 2007)
  • Tricolour Color (3 December 2008)
  • 39GalaxyZ (15 April 2009)
  • Life 2Die (14 October 2009)
  • Butterfly Boy(3 September 2008)
  • Pink Masquerade (18 November 2009)
  • Gr8 Story (27 January 2010)
  • 小悪魔Sparkling (30 June 2010) (Koakuma Sparkling)
  • R.P.G.: Rockin' Playing Game (1 September 2010)
  • Crazy Bunny Coaster (12 January 2011)
  • Mad$hip (5 February 2011)
  • ☆ギミギミ☆ (15 June 2011) (Gimigimi)
  • Toy Soldier (26 October 2011)
  • 不完全 Beautyfool Days (1 February 2012) (Fukanzen Beautifool Days)
  • swee†oxic (19 September 2012)

DVD singles[edit]

  • Mujouken Koufukuron (無条件幸福論) (17 November 2010)



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