Sugar Babies (candy)

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This article is about the candy. For other uses, see Sugar Babies.
Sugar Babies
Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies are bite-sized, pan-coated, chewy milk caramel sweets which are relatively soft to chew. They are an American confection originally developed in 1935 by the James O. Welch Co. Sugar Babies were named after a song called "Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby."[1]

The company was purchased by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco, now Kraft Foods) in 1963. "The Welch family of products changed hands a few more times, going from Nabisco to Warner-Lambert [in 1988] then to Tootsie in 1993, who makes them to this day."[2] Tootsie Roll Industries now makes Sugar Babies.[3] Welch produced them along with the rest of the Sugar Family (Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama). The Candy Blog rated Sugar Babies as a 9 out of 10 ("yummy")[2]


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