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Sugar Man
Sugarman marvel.jpg
Sugar Man battles the New Mutants, From New Mutants vol.3 #27 (September 2011). Art by Marko Djurdjevic
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Generation Next #2 (1995)
Created by Scott Lobdell
Chris Bachalo
In-story information
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Genegineer
Seattle Core (Age of Apocalypse)
Abilities Expert biologist and geneticist
Superhuman strength
Four arms
Razor sharp claws and teeth
Indefinitely long bio-electric razor sharp tongue
Enhanced sense of smell
Ability to alter body mass and size

Sugar Man is a fictional character, a mutant villain appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Chris Bachalo, he first appeared in Generation Next #2 (1995).

Sugar Man initially appeared during the Age of Apocalypse, an event which caused the history of the Marvel Universe to diverge from its usual path. Although many Age of Apocalypse characters were alternate versions of existing heroes and villains, Sugar Man does not appear to have an Earth-616 counterpart.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Age of Apocalypse[edit]

Sugar Man is originally from an alternate timeline in which Apocalypse conquered North America and mutants ruled, known as Earth-295. At one point Sugar Man was a student of Mr Sinister, learning from him all about genetics and science. He soon became a capable geneticist having a lab located at Niagara Falls and regularly tormented his slaves.[1]

He was later sent to run the human work camps in the Pacific Northwest - specifically known as the Core - housing thousands of humans. Magneto needed a mutant with chrono-variant powers—time travel—in order to go back in time and restore reality to its proper order before the death of Charles Xavier, whose existence was revealed by the displaced mutant Bishop. Apocalypse had ruthlessly killed all mutants with that power to prevent anyone from undermining his regime, but Know-It-All found one with latent powers: Illyana Rasputin, the sister of Generation Next's leader Colossus.[volume & issue needed]

Magneto sent the fledgling group to the Core to rescue her. Sugar Man eventually encountered the group and killed several of the members himself, including Vincente and Mondo. Illyana's successful rescue costs all of the young members their lives (except for Husk which was not revealed until the revisit to the AOA reality called X-Men: Age of Apocalypse). Sugar Man was seemingly destroyed; however he had lost most of his mass during the attack and had shrunk to a minuscule size. Hidden in Colossus' boot, he accompanied Illyana, Colossus, Shadowcat, and the X-Men in their assault on Apocalypse's citadel.[volume & issue needed]

In the 2000 Blink limited series, it is revealed via flashback that Sugar Man was at one point the jailer in charge of cellmates Illyana Rasputin and Blink (before she was rescued as a young girl by Weapon-X and Sabretooth) in a prison facility, and that he abused both of them regularly.

Arrival in Earth-616[edit]

During the assault, Sugar Man took advantage of the chaos to escape, jumping into the M'Kraan Crystal—the "Nexus of all realities"—and vanished. He appeared in the Earth-616 timeline, arriving in an unspecified location some twenty years in the past. Sugar Man then traveled to Genosha, where he contacted the Genegineer and gave him the formula for the mutate bonding process which forcibly enslaved hundreds of mutants to the human Magistrates. When the first Genosha government, led by the Genegineer and Cameron Hodge fell, he quickly worked behind the scenes affecting the seemingly more peaceful new government run by Sasha Ryan.

Eventually this government fell into a brutal civil war. When the mutant team Excalibur was investigating the first Mutate slave of Genosha, they almost learned the secret of the Sugar Man; however, Sugar Man activated a device that killed the Mutate before his involvement in Genosha's history could be revealed.[2] When Excalibur continues to keep searching for the secret history of Genosha, Sugar Man prevented them from finding it by destroying a master computer that held the truth.[3]

Operating from the Shadows[edit]

Detecting that X-Man, another refugee from Earth-295 was active in this reality Sugar-Man send his agent Rex to eliminate him in order to maintain his anonymity.[4] However, Sugar Man's first attempt to assassinate Nate would be interrupted by Selene, much to his frustration.[5] Sugar Man would next seek to capture this reality's Alex Summers, using Scarlet McKenzie as his operative. However, she would fail to do so and he eventually gave up on this endeavor after learning that another refugee from "The Age of Apocalypse", in the form of Beast, now calling himself "Dark beast", was also seeking to capture him.[6]

When Nate Grey's Earth-616 counterpart Cable traveled to Genosha, getting involved in the conflict, Sugar Man incorrectly believe him to be Nate and decides to finally reveal himself to the world after 20 years of secrecy.[7] However when tracking Cable down, Sugar Man realizes he made a mistake believing that "someone" was manipulating the events to uncover his secret rule of Genosha when Cable discovers his lab.[8] Sugar Man was forced to activate the self-destruct mechanism in his lab. As Cable, Domino, Jenny Ransome, Phillip Moreau and the brainwashed ex-Magistrate Pipeline were busy with trying to deactivate the bomb, Sugar Man eventually captured Phillip Moreau for his own purposes. Sugar Man's plans for Phillip remain unrevealed, and with the database destroyed, Sugar Man's existence was kept secret. The clues themselves were revealed to have been passed to Phillip by none other than Mister Sinister, who had long suspected that the Genosha mutate process was based on his own genetic handiwork.[9]

Having a near brush with this reality's Mr. Sinister in Genosha, Sugar-Man began working together with the Dark Beast in continuing to keep their existence secret, as Sinister learning of their presence in this reality using his techniques would work against their interests. They would target Bishop, who retained memories from the Age of Apocalypse.[10] After the failed attempt to slay Bishop, by using the Dark Beast's operative Fatale, the two refugees would part company.[11]

Return to the Age of Apocalypse[edit]

Returning to Genosha, Sugar Man attempted to return to Earth-295 utilizing a hyper dimensional device that would allow him to travel back to Earth-295's past. When he succeeded, he quickly began resuming his experimentation on a super-virus that he hoped to bring back to Earth-616 to wipe out humanity. Unfortunately for Sugar Man, Nate Grey would follow him into the past and, with the help of Magneto and Forge, thwart his plot and send him back to Earth-616.[12]

The Fall of Genosha[edit]

Back in that reality, Sugar Man and the other refugees from Earth-295 soon became targeted by the Shi'ar empire who saw the fact of Holocaust having a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal embedded in him as sacrilege. However, as the shard was removed from Holocaust, all refugees were sent back to Earth.[13]

Afterwards Genosha was soon destroyed by the wild Sentinel attack on the island that was orchestrated by Cassandra Nova and the whereabouts of Sugar Man was unknown until he reappeared once again in Genosha, killing a band of Magistrates who were exploring the island with the Dark Beast. Callisto and Karima Shapandar confronted Sugar Man and apparently killed him with a pipe through the head.

Endangered Species[edit]

He however recovered from Calisto's attack and was one of the villains contacted by Beast for information to reverse the effects of M-Day. Sugar Man declined to help, saying that Beast could not afford the cost of his services.[14]

Recent Activities[edit]

After the events of Dark Reign, Sugar Man left his hideout to find the device known as the "Omega Machine". He found the device in an abandoned H.A.M.M.E.R. facility with, to his delight, a still Nate Grey hooked up to it.[15] He remade the device to open portals to other realities, and also began creating technologically-derived mutates as part of his experiments to use while he tried to reach the Age of Apocalypse.[16] Realizing that the only way Sugar Man would leave him alone was to give him what he wanted, Nate used all of his strength and willpower to open a portal to his home reality; but before Sugar Man could escape into it, he was forced to return to the main reality by Moonstar and taken into custody by Captain Steve Rogers.[17]

Return to the Age of Apocalypse[edit]

Apparently Sugar Man was released from prison by Dark Beast and together have rebuilt the dimensional portal technology and returned to the Age of Apocalypse where the two are using the energies of the life seed to aid Weapon Omega to resurrect a number of fallen mutants in order to provide Weapon Omega an army of powerful mutants.[18]

The Human Resistance later captured Sugarman and handed him over to Penance in exchange for her co-operation. Penance planned to reform Sugarman and utilize his science in her reformation of society.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Sugar Man is a mutant who possesses superhuman strength, four arms, hands with razor-sharp claws, a giant mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, and a dense razor-sharp tongue of indeterminate length that is enfused with a type of bio-energy able to pierce and damage stone, steel, and even beings in gaseous or liquid form.

He has an enhanced sense of smell and can use it to detect fear.

He can also control his own body size and mass. If he loses mass, the lost mass is shunted off to Hammerspace.[citation needed]

Sugar Man is an expert, at least by modern standards, in sciences including biology and genetics.

Other versions[edit]


Dazzler, in the dimension ruled by Mojo has encountered childlike versions of the Age of Apocalypse villains, including Sugar Man. These entities were seemingly created by Mojo himself, who then lost control of them.

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

  • Sugar Man appears in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse voiced by James Arnold Taylor. Sugar Man appears as the supervisor of the Core and a boss. Here, Sugar Man apparently reveals that he is the same Sugar Man from the Age of Apocalypse (although this claim can be debated) and expresses admiration for how Apocalypse manages to conquer the world and run it effectively no matter what timeline he is in. He also compliments Apocalypse as being a good boss. It is unexplained how Sugar Man managed to reach this timeline from the Age of Apocalypse.
  • Sugar Man appears as a boss in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.


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