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Single by the McGuire Sisters
Writer(s) Charlie Phillips and Odis Echols

"Sugartime" is a popular song, written by Charlie Phillips and Odis Echols and published in 1958. The biggest hit version was recorded by the McGuire Sisters, who topped the "Most Played Jockey" charts with their single in February of that year.[1] In 1961, the song briefly returned to the US Cashbox country charts in a version by Johnny Cash, culled from his Sun Records catalogue. The song also makes a reference to the Jimmie Rodgers song "Honeycomb", which had been recorded a few months earlier in 1957.

Cover versions[edit]

In the media[edit]

  • It is featured in the Greek film Γλυκιά Συμμορία (Sweet Gang, 1983), written and directed by Nikos Nikolaidis.
  • The melody used with the "sugar in the morning" segment of the song bears a strong resemblance to a Chico Marx song from c.1930, variously known as "I'm Daffy Over You" and "Lucky Little Penny".[1]
  • It is featured in the film Sugartime (an HBO made for TV movie about The McGuire Sisters and youngest sister Phyllis's relationship with Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana).
  • The tune was heard in the 1990s, when a version with altered lyrics served as the commercial jingle for Bagel Bites, a brand of pizza bagels.
  • In the Mama's Family episode Bubba's House Band, the Bone Crushers perform "Sugartime" with Vicki Lawrence playing piano.
  • "No More Sugartime" was released in Feb. 1962 by both the McGuire Sisters (Coral) & The Edward Twins (TwisTime) with modified lyrics by Norman Petty, same music by Charlie Phillips set to the current twist style.


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